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What is smart street lights' characteristics?

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Smart street lights features:

Smart street lights have developed rapidly in recent years. On the one hand, they have benefited from the construction of newbuy solar powered motion sensor light - Hommiiee smart cities, and on the other hand, they have been affected by new infrastructure and 5G commercial use. developing. Smart street lights gradually entered the public's field of vision. So where is the smart street lamp good? What are the characteristics?


Functional hardware, supporting resources, construction and operation

Compared with traditional street lights, one of the most intuitive features of smart street lights is the ability to concentrate a variety of poles and equipment on a light pole, such as communication poles, lighting lamps, led displays, surveillance camera probes, etc., can all be mounted on smart street lights Above, the realization of "multi-stroke integration".

Smart street lights can also integrate supporting resources such as the carrying, power supply, and communication of multiple functional systems, saving space resources and reducing the initial construction investment cost.


Carrier sharing, equipment sharing, data sharing

Integrate and plan equipment and sensors from multiple industries or departments, such as communications, municipal administration, transportation, and security, into the same tower carrier to realize carrier sharing. The same is true for equipment sharing, integrating equipment functions to achieve the purpose of sharing and using multiple industries and multiple parts.

Another key is data sharing. After desensitizing the data collected by various devices and sensors, open source sharing of the data platform can realize the intercommunication of urban operation data and give birth to more cross-industry innovative applications.


Communication access, edge-cloud collaboration, data intelligence

By establishing extensive connections with smart street lights, a smart perception network can be formed to collect, transmit and release data from various industries, so as to realize the precise management of various fields in the city and the intensive use of urban resources.

Smart street lights are equipped with cameras, display screens, radio frequency tag sensors and other equipment, and are equipped with wireless communication systems such as WiFi and 5G. Real-time collection of information on city roads, traffic, pedestrians, vehicles, security, etc., and return pictures and data to the management platform. The management platform has the function of real-time remote control of each device, and real-time dynamics can be easily captured through the background.


Urban harmony, social harmony, ecological harmony

As a new type of public infrastructure, smart street lights have the effect of promoting the harmony of urban appearance, ecological environment and social development. As mentioned earlier, one of the major characteristics of smart street lights is that they have multiple uses and share resources. This means that the construction of smart street lights can greatly reduce the number and volume of urban ground facilities, and reduce the energy consumption of municipal facilities and urban noise pollution. , To promote the harmonious development of green cities and enhance the appearance of the city.

At the same time, as an information public infrastructure, while promoting the common development of multiple industries, it also provides safety guarantees and convenient life services for urban residents, making the city more livable and socially safe and stable.

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