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What is intelligent street lamps?

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Intelligent street lamp is also called intelligent street lamp, or intelligent street lamp and intelligent lighting. It adopts Internet ofFortune-Outdoor-Led-Light - Hommiiee Things and cloud computing technology to comprehensively upgrade the urban public lighting management system and realize centralized control, informatization of operation and maintenance and intelligent lighting. At present, The Institute of Software Application Technology of The Chinese Academy of Sciences (HEREINAFTER referred to as "Guangzhou Software Institute") is in the international leading level in this field, and has a large number of implementation cases in China. The traditional road has many disadvantages, such as serious energy waste, single management means, low level of information, lack of fault active alarm mechanism, difficult to find the location of the fault light, etc. In recent years, many cities in China have begun to adopt intelligent street lamp technology to transform traditional street lamps. Only in 2012, The Implementation Plan of Guangdong Province to Promote the Use of LED Lighting Products proposed: Guangdong province road, public places, government agencies, state-owned enterprises and institutions such as finance or state-owned capital investment of the construction of the lighting engineering and nansha, before the sea and hengqin new planning and construction of the new requirements are the use of LED lighting products, according to the plan, the pearl river delta region should strive to be the end of 2013, north region by the end of 2014, popularize public LED lighting, Drive the popularization of LED lighting in the whole society, and achieve lighting energy saving of more than 50% in the province compared to the same caliber. Smart street lamps have a lot to offer.

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High efficiency and energy saving

After the intelligent lighting transformation of ordinary street lamps, the power consumption of street lamps can be greatly reduced and the energy saving rate can be effectively improved. Taking the reconstruction project of Guangzhou Institute of Software Application Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Yihui Road, Nansha as an example, there are 18 lights in total. The intelligent street lamp is transformed on the basis of LED lights, and the arrival detection mode and time control mode are added to control the lighting equipment. The final test results of one year show that the energy saving rate is as high as 78.73%, the annual cost saving reaches 6044.4 yuan, which is equivalent to saving 9.93 tons of standard coal annually and reducing 24.75 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

Intelligent management

Intelligent street lamp has a comprehensive and optimized intelligent control function for street lamp managers to provide more efficient management and maintenance means.

Stable and reliable

The communication mechanism, software and hardware platform of intelligent street lamp adopts advanced and mature technology at home and abroad, with unique embedded system design and high system reliability. The stability and reliability of the product is mainly reflected in the following four aspects:

Power carrier communication technology is adopted, which is cheaper and more secure than ZigBee and other wireless communication methods.

The kernel firmware of the central controller adopts double backup, and the device firmware fault can be repaired by itself.

The centralized controller has the function of automatic network clock calibration, which does not depend on the accurate running of the server all year round.

The software platform based on cloud computing infrastructure has advantages such as high reliability and load balancing.

Flexible configuration

Intelligent street lamps provide a variety of product lines with different configurations for users to choose, software platform and hardware platform can be customized according to the actual needs of users.

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