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What is decorative pole?

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Decorative street lights introduction:

A decorative column used to enhance the appearance of a column or tree trunk in an upright building. The decorative rod cover consists of adecorative led outdoor wall lights supply - Hommiiee generally rectangular flexible plate with upper and lower edges, and additional flexible threads connected at intervals along the edges of the flexible plate. The surface of the flexible foil also includes decorative signs to convey the visual impression of the totem. The upper and lower edges of the flexible plate respectively include slender and well-spaced flexible lines, and one end of the flexible line is connected and extended from the upper and lower edges, and the flexible line simulates the hair and skirt of the totem respectively. The width of the flexible plate is usually equal to at least a large portion of the rod circumference or trunk, and the rod cover changes the appearance of the rod or tree to that of the totem when the corresponding double row flexible cooperative plate is connected at least partially around another position of the rod or trunk.

The origin of decorative led street lights:

In 1962, the first practical visible light appeared, and light development has reached a high level, light has been widely used as the ideal substitute for light bulbs, neon lights and light tubes. It is expected that with its further development, LEDS will completely replace the above light sources. The future of mankind will be brighter. Because the use of light can save a lot of energy, money and time.

The development of light can be divided into three stages: the emergence of red LED, blue LED and white LED. Red and green leds have been in development for decades, but they are monochrome leds. If it is used as a light source, the object will be covered with a color, rather than the color of the object itself, so the application of LED has certain limitations. The ultimate goal of LED development is white LED with high brightness, which can completely replace the traditional light source. It was a long and difficult road until The Japanese scientist Hideji Nakamura made blue LED with gastron in 1993. This breakthrough played a decisive role in the development of LED. Based on the effect of this blue LED, white LED was invented soon in 1997. Since then, LED products have been widely used in various fields and are considered as the future lighting source.

Brightness perspective of led decorative flood light:

LED light output varies with chip type and packaging method, among other things. But there is no international standard to measure its brightness. Generally, the total amount of LED light is measured by the height of an axial point of light and is represented by a candle (MCD). An LED with a high degree does not necessarily have a high light output. To calculate its total light output, its light Angle must be taken into account. LED viewing Angle is also a function of the LED chip type as well as its epoxy shell spectroscopic or astigmatic function. Leds in different chips and enclosures will have different brightness values. If two leds have the same brightness value, then the greater the light Angle is the greater the light output.

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