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The price difference of LED street lights

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With the new round of LED lighting technology innovation and the upgrading of the LED lighting industry, LED road lighting is breaking through traditional road lighting.

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The technological revolution in the field of LED lighting has driven the integration of operation management, production management, and technical management of LED street lamp manufacturers, and promoted the development of LED street lamp manufacturers. However, the huge price difference of LED street lights on the market makes it difficult for consumers to choose. So what factors cause the price difference of LED street lights?

In fact, the main reasons for the price difference of LED street lights are light source, power supply, accessories, certification, and after-sales service.

LED street light source: LED street light sourceis the core part of the lamp. The price of international brand LED street light source and unknown LED street light source are of course different.

LED street lamp power supply: The quality of the LED street lamp power supply determines the life of the LED street lamp. Some customers buy the LED street lamp without knowing that it will end the life of the street lamp due to the LED street lamp power failure soon after use. The price of the LED street lamp using brand power is higher. Can understand, after all, you get what you pay for.

LED street lamp accessories: LED street lamp accessories include LED street lamp housing, materials, etc. These factors determine the quality problems of LED street lamp heat dissipation, LED street lamp leakage caused by poor heat dissipation and other phenomena emerge endlessly, and the heat dissipation capacity affects the actual luminous efficiency and life of LED.

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LED street light certification: for example, CE, ROHS, TUV and other LED street light certifications also affect the price of LED street lights to a certain extent.

LED street lamp after-sales service: Some LED street lamp manufacturers have a 3-year warranty, while some LED street lamp manufacturers have a 5-year warranty. In addition to the abovefactors, there are also factors such as LED street lamp aging and testing that also affect the price of LED street lamps. LED street lamps with poor quality have problems when they are first used. Aging and other tests can ensure product quality.

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