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The application of solar battery

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Solar Battery is a kind of photoelectric semiconductor sheet that uses sunlight to directly generate electricity. It is also called "solar chip" or "photocell". As long as it meets certain illuminance conditions, it can output voltage instantly and in the case of loops. Generate current. In physics, it is called photovoltaic (Photovoltaic, abbreviated as PV), or photovoltaic for short.

Solar battery are devices that directly convert light energy into electrical energy through photoelectric effect or photochemical effect. Crystalline silicon solar cells that work with the photovoltaic effect are the mainstream, while the implementation of solar battery with thin-film cells that work with the photochemical effect is still in its battery - HOMMIIEE

 A solar battery is a photoelectric element that can convert energy. Its basic structure is made by joining P-type and N-type semiconductors. The most basic material of semiconductors is "silicon", which is non-conductive, but if different impurities are added to the semiconductor, it can be made into P-type and N-type semiconductors, and then the P-type semiconductor has a hole (P-type The semiconductor is missing a negatively charged electron, which can be regarded as an additional positive charge), and an N-type semiconductor has a potential difference of free electrons to generate current, so when sunlight is irradiated, the light energy in the silicon atom The electrons are excited, and the convection of electrons and holes is generated. These electrons and holes are affected by the built-in potential and are attracted by the N-type and P-type semiconductors, and gather at both ends. At this time, if the external electrodes are connected to form a loop, this is the principle of solar cell power generation.

To put it simply, the principle of solar photovoltaic power generation is to use solar battery to absorb sunlight with a wavelength of 0.4 μm to 1.1 μm (for silicon crystals) and directly convert light energy into electrical energy output. Since the electricity generated by the solar battery is direct current, if you need to provide electricity to household appliances or various electrical appliances, you need to install a direct/ac converter and replace it with alternating current before it can be supplied to household or industrial electricity.

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