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Street light poles inject new impetus into the development of the industry

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Street light poles inject new impetus into the development of the industry.

Community group buying and live streaming are currently active new channels of commodity circulation and new retail models. As the new infrastructure has risen to the national strategic level, the new infrastructure has quickly optimized the growth track and business scale of new channel providers, and improved overall operational efficiency and The development space has effectively enhanced environmental resilience and market competitiveness. The new channels of community group buying and live broadcast have also formed a starting point for improving the economic benefits of upstream and downstream enterprises and solutions for new retail. The "2021 7th New Channel Conference (Community and Live Streaming Supply Chain Exhibition) and the 3 CNRE China New Retail Expo" jointly organized by Boiling Point World, Boiling Point Exhibition and 4458 Goods Source Network will be scheduled on March 5-6, 2021 The Japanese transfer division was jointly held in the Canton Fair Complex. This year as the annual exhibition in 2021, with the theme of "new channels accelerating new growth", more excellent new channel vendors, platform parties, supply parties, supply chains, and brand parties will be organized. And service providers gather in Guangzhou to conduct precise resource docking and cooperation, and continuously innovate and upgrade through the boiling point characteristic exhibition and conference mode, injecting new impetus into the development of the industry.  solar street light kit manufacturers - HOMMIIEE

 Name: 2021 7th New Channel Conference (Community and Live Streaming Supply Chain Exhibition), 3rd CNRE China New Retail Expo Which channel providers: community group buying, community group buying, Internet celebrity live broadcast, MCN, solar street light social e-commerce, solar street light wechat, content e-commerce, short video e-commerce, WeChat group owner, B2B trader, physical retailer, e-commerce Commercial industrial park, live broadcast base, internet celebrity base, etc...

 (1) Food and snack area: snack foods, snacks, nutritious foods, health foods, special foods, imported foods, convenience foods, puffed foods, biscuits, roasted nuts, candied dried fruits, candies, chocolates, pastries, condiments, edible oils , Rice, grains, noodles, organic food, fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, drinking water, beverages, juices, milk, yogurt, dairy products, coffee, coffee products, brewed grains, bee products, famous Chinese and foreign wines, liquor, wine, Foreign wine, beer, rice wine, health wine, tea, cold drinks and frozen food, ice cream, seafood and aquatic products, frozen meat, local specialties, Chinese time-honored brands, geographical indication products, etc.  

 (2) Clothing, shoes and bags area: fashion trends, women's clothing, men's clothing, underwear, body shaping, women's skirts, home wear, suits, application wear, shoes, socks, bags, watches, glasses, jewelry, etc.   

(3) Household department store area: daily necessities, gifts, bedding, mattresses, pillows, home textiles, furnishings, handicrafts, storage boxes, kitchen supplies, detergents, hygiene products, paper products, flowers and plants, etc. 

(4) Small appliances exhibition area: 

1. Solar street lamp kitchen appliances: yogurt maker, street lamp pole egg cooker, electric lunch box, soy milk maker, electric kettle, electric pressure cooker, bean sprouts machine, induction cooker, rice cooker, electric baking pan, grill Cake maker, sterilizing cupboard, juicer, electric hot pot, microwave oven, multifunctional food processor, etc. 

2. Household appliances: electric fans, electric heaters, vacuum cleaners, air fresheners, stereos, humidifiers, water dispensers, water purifiers, electric clothes dryers, etc. 

3. Small household appliances for personal life: hair dryer, electric shaver, electric iron, electric toothbrush, electronic massager, etc.

 4. Digital products for personal use: new creative digital products, electronic dictionaries, handheld learning machines, game consoles, digital cameras, digital video cameras, etc.

 (5) Maternal and infant product area: milk powder supplementary food: milk powder, goat milk powder, special formula milk powder, baby supplementary food, baby snacks, diapers: pull-up pants, diapers, wet tissues, feeding products: milk bottles, pacifiers, Water cups, tableware, sterilization pots, complementary food machines, milk dispensers, toys: baby toys, children's bicycles, children's electric vehicles, plush toys, building blocks, electric remote controls, children's bags, strollers, cribs, children's clothing and shoes, maternity products : Maternity supplies, washing and nursing for pregnant mothers, clothes for pregnant mothers, confinement clothes The first offline exhibition in 2021 is also the first-year product selection period for purchasers. 

The rapid development of new channels for group buying and live broadcasts requires a large number of products to be sold on the shelves every day. The entire industry has a very large demand for products. The annual exhibition starts in 2021. It is an offline exhibition in the industry, which will definitely attract the attention of the whole industry, and it is an indispensable investment platform for the source of goods. Guangzhou landmark modern international exhibition center-China Import and Export Fair Complex (Canton Fair Complex for short) is located on Pazhou Island, Guangzhou, China. It perfectly combines the concept of human nature, green ecology with high technology and intelligence, and the street light poles are like bright lights. The bright pearl shines in the world, advanced software and hardware facilities, and comprehensive supporting services for the exhibition can provide participants with a superior experience. 

 The audiences who visited were accurate, and they were all new channel merchants, group buying and live broadcast agencies’ new channel product selection leaders; large platforms of community group buying and live broadcast agencies were invited to participate in the conference, gathering head resources, and all of them had extraordinary influence.  

 Group purchase buyers and anchors are highly efficient in selecting products. On-site selection of products and on-site transactions can be opened or put on shelves immediately. It is very efficient and can quickly open sales channels. 

 In the past year, many new platforms have been added to the industry. Many of these new platforms have good volume and excellent sales. There will also be many new platforms to appear this time. If you want to connect with new platforms, this new force should not be missed. The organizer Boiling Point Tianxia is the builder and leader of the new channel ecological system. Over the years, it has successfully planned and organized hundreds of offline activities, actively and meaningfully promoting the development of the industry. Its brand activities such as: new channel conferences, Internet celebrities Live Festival, New Retail Expo, Ten Thousands of People Resource Matchmaking, New Retail Spring Festival Gala, Community Group Buying Conference, WeChat Business Expo, WeChat Business Festival, etc., have accumulated tens of millions of customer resources, and have a strong influence and appeal in the industry force. 4458 Supply Network integrates many platform resources and prints a monthly "Live & Group Purchase Source Summary" special issue. The series of actions have been solving the supply problem of new channel vendors, and also attracted the attention of a large number of live broadcast and group purchase platform purchasers. As a result, a large number of group buying and live broadcast purchasing sources have been gathered.  

 Boiling Point Exhibition owner/contractor has hosted hundreds of offline exhibitions and large-scale events, has an experienced operation and execution team, and possesses exquisite skills in organizing exhibitions to ensure the perfection of exhibition activities. From the information layout, the rhythm control of event announcements, to the process design, link arrangement, etc., each event can not only be executed perfectly, but also received unanimous praise from the participants, bringing method experience and resources to the participants. The triple gains of personal connections and cooperation results.

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