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Street Light Pole Production Process

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Street Light Pole Production Process (2)

1. Light Pole Taper Steel Plate Cutting Process

We use cut to length machine to uncoil, level, cut, scrape edge and taper, then we can get one side small width, one side big width steel plate.

2. Light Pole Taper Steel Plate Bending Process

We use CNC tandem press brake machine to bend conical or polygon shape pole by special tooling.

3. Light Pole Shut Welding Machine Process:

After bended by press brake machine, the pole has been formed, but there will a seam.Therefore we use our special design shut welding machine to weld this seam automatically.

4. Light Pole Straighten Process:

After welding, the pole will be bent, not straight, then we need use straightening machine to straight.

5. Base Plate Making Process

We use shearing machine to cut square shape , then ironwoker to punch holes.

6. Base Plate Automatcial Welding Process

we use this equipment to weld base plate with light pole

7. Light pole door cutting machine

We specially designed this light pole door cutting machine to cut door for conical, octagonal light pole.The cutting shape can be circle, square, rectrangle...

8. Light pole top part bending process

We design special fixture to clamp light pole top part, then use winch to pull and bend

9. Light pole top part drilling hole process

It is suitable for light pole top fixing hole quick drilling process.Once finish two holes.

10.Galvanizing process of Lamp Pole

Hot-dip galvanization is a form of galvanization. It is the process of coating iron and steel with zinc, which alloys with the surface of the base metal when immersing the metal in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of around 449 °C 

11.Powder coating

Attack rusted areas with a steel bristled brush,sand the rounded part of the pole with coarse grit.

Apply oil based metal primer to the light pole.  

Street Light Pole Production Process (1)

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