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Street lamp brief history and classification introduction

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A brief history of street lamps

Shoulder to shoulder crowds along the Huangpu River made their way to catch a glimpse. Later, the Shanghai lease street lamp outdoor solar string lights - Hommiieewas changed to gas lamp. Transplanted from London, it is several times brighter than a kerosene lamp, making it a "sun" to the eye of a passer-by at night. It was not until 1879 that the first electric lamp in China was finally put on at Shanghai's 16 pu wharf, equipped with a 10-horsepower internal combustion engine, equivalent to the power of a walking tractor.

The original street lights were equipped with a knife switch on each telegraph pole, which still had to be turned on and off by workers every day. Three years later, a number of street lamps shared a switch, and this form of street lighting was used in cities throughout the country until the 1950s.

Attempts at artificial lighting of city streets began in the early 15th century. In 1417, in an effort to brighten up London's dark winter nights, Henry Barton, the mayor of London, issued an order for outdoor lighting fixtures to be hung. Later, his initiative was supported by the French. At the beginning of the 16th century, Parisian houses had to install lighting fixtures outside their street-facing Windows. Under Louis XIV, there were many streetlights on the streets of Paris. In 1667, Louis XIV, also known as the "Sun King", issued a decree on the lighting of urban roads. Legend has it that because of this decree, the reign of Louis XIV is known as the "Light Age" in French history.

Types of street lamps

1. According to the height of street lamp: high pole lamp, middle pole lamp, street lamp, garden lamp, lawn lamp, buried lamp;

2. According to the material of street lamp pole, it can be divided into hot-dip galvanized iron street lamp, hot-dip galvanized steel street lamp and stainless steel street lamp;

3. According to the street light source: sodium street lamp, LED street lamp, energy saving street lamp, new Soming xenon street lamp.

4. According to the shape of points: Chinese lamp, antique lamp, landscape lamp, single-arm street lamp, two-arm street lamp.

5. According to the power supply mode, it can be divided into municipal street lamp, solar street lamp and wind-complementary street lamp

Street lamps relate to lighting technology and are suitable for street lamps. The purpose is to design a long life, low power consumption, high power factor, current harmonic content small efficient electronic energy-saving street lamp. The high-efficiency electronic energy-saving street lamp includes successively connected high-voltage discharge branches R1 and C1, rectifier bridge D1-D4, power factor correction branches C2, D5 and D6, high-medium frequency burr filter branches L1 and L3, high-frequency oscillation circuit BG1-BG2, start-up branches L2 and C7 and lamp tube T. Compared with the previous street lamp can save 80% of electricity; Harmonic content THD < 25%, prolong lamp life up to 3-4 times.

Classification of street lamps

Street lamps are usually classified according to the shape of the light they emit. The international Commission on Lighting (CIE) recommends three categories: projection, extension and control.

(1) The projection. Represents the degree of light diffusion along the road, which can be divided into short, medium and long.

(2) Extension. Refers to the horizontal diffusion degree of the light emitted by the lamps on the road, which can be divided into narrow, general and wide.

(3) Control. Represents the degree of control glare of luminaire, which can be divided into limited, medium and strict.

The installation mode of street lamp has bracket type, high type, straight rod type, suspension cable type and suction wall type.

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