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commercial led street lights are widely used in life

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Nowadays,solar street lamps play an extremely important role in the field of solar power generation in the world.  Especially in lighting industry, solar street lamp has been widely promoted and applied.  So how to apply the solar street lamp? The following is a detailed introduction to where the solar street lamp is suitable for application and how to apply the solar street lamp.  

Solar street lamps, once invested, years of benefit, the use of inexhaustible wind and solar energy can make street lighting cost zero, now not only solar street lamps, solar photovoltaic complementary street lamps have been applied in a wide range.  Solar photovoltaic street lamps have been installed on many roads, saving more than 600,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year alone.  solar powered led street lights manufacturers- HOMMIIEE

It is understood that solar photovoltaic complementary street lighting system is the national "863" key support project, its basic principle is to convert solar energy, wind energy into electricity, play a good complementary between the two.  Each day, wind and light energy is converted into electricity by wind turbines and solar panels, which are stored in batteries buried under the lamp pole. When night comes, the batteries automatically power the lamps and turn them off at dawn.  Even on days with no wind and no sun, the battery can provide power for up to 10 nights.  

Compared with ordinary street lamps, solar photovoltaic complementary street lamps have obvious advantages. According to the comprehensive comparison and analysis table between solar photovoltaic complementary street lamps and ordinary electric lighting provided by relevant departments, solar photovoltaic complementary street lamps have the characteristics of no transmission lines, no road excavation, no pipe burying, no energy consumption, etc.  In the city road construction, landscaping and other municipal lighting field is very prominent.  At present, the installation cost of each new street lamp is 15,300 yuan, and the electricity cost is zero. Based on the calculation of 20 years, the average daily cost is about 2.1 yuan, lower than the cost of ordinary street lamps.  Moreover, this does not take into account the cost of power generation, the loss in the transmission process, the land occupied by the transmission equipment, etc. Since the solar photovoltaic complementary street lamp can be continuously charged, the battery can be replaced in 4 years, and its life span is twice as long as that of the pure solar street lamp.  

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