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Some lights in deffierent county

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Tibet solar garden lighting in 2018

solar street light company-HOMMIIEE

This solar light adopt unique design,lithium battery and imported LED brand, the luminous is up to 140 lm/w,it can work normally of low temperature working ability at -45℃~50℃,and the spanlife is more than 10 years,this project was applied for Tibet solar garden lighting in 2018, until now we get more praised from our customers.

Alaska High-mast lighting on september ,2017

solar street light manufacturers-HOMMIIEEA

With a mixture of high-mast lighting towers and galvanized steel roadway light poles, the city of Wasilla, Alaska selected HOMMIIEE. These round galvanized poles were designed to support a 20 foot tapered arm with a luminaire mounting height of 40 feet above the roadway. Project finished on Sept, 2017.

Zone One, Guoji Industry Park,
Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province


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