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Solar street light are so powerful

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Why are solar street lamps  so powerful?  

Solar street lamps also have a large storage capacity of electric energy, which can work on 15 rainy days (which also solves many regional weather problems).  The good tilt Angle of the solar street lamp can absorb the sun's rays, which can provide better power supply.  It is said that solar street lamp wind protection measures are also very in place, the connection between the battery module bracket and the lamp pole should be designed very well.  

In today's earth energy conservation and environmental protection is the most important, do not want to increasingly damage the environment, and the sun can help us the greatest energy conservation and environmental protection, but also safety, money and labor saving, so why not?  commercial solar power street lights price - HOMMIIEE

The rapid development of city construction in our country, the solar street light has always been a very important public facilities, also let many of the city of designers and the government officials have a headache problem, the number of large, complex process and onerous task power lines laid makes it become a difficult problem of urban development.  

Solar street lamps market in the past most USES is nickel wire, tungsten filament as bulb light media, they are after power, drive the nickel wire, tungsten filament lambe, produce energy, but also accompanied by the generation of heat energy at the same time, neither health environmental protection, also not economic and reliable, so for now, incandescent light bulb has gradually withdrew from the historical stage, the current application is LED street light  

As a new energy and solar energy street lamp bulb supplier, its design idea is very simple, it is to use solar energy to external energy, during the day it will be solar energy stored in the battery solar street lamps, etc. It is dark or light intensity is not enough, the battery will start, to power a solar street lamps light source,  In this way, the solar street lamp can complete the lighting function.  

Solar street light is the latest research and development of the new industry, safety, energy conservation and environmental protection, daytime ether sunlight for energy, night use, not only energy conservation and environmental protection pollution-free, and greatly save the cost of electricity, but also do not need manual control and later maintenance.  The heart of the solar street lamp is the battery, the quality of the battery directly affects the service life of the solar street lamp and whether the operation is smooth, so try to choose the products of big manufacturers, after-sales service is also guaranteed.  

Solar street light in the design of the design should pay attention to the design Angle, how can be more conducive to the battery fully receive sunlight, choose the best Angle is the key.  In addition to the Angle problem, but also do a good job of wind resistance design, wind resistance design is mainly divided into two parts, one is the bracket of the battery component, the second is the wind resistance design of the lamp pole, pay attention to whether the component and lamp pole in strong wind weather without damage, if the wind resistance performance is low, it will cause safety hazards.  

When installing the solar street lamp, pay attention to whether the connection between the component and the bracket is stable and firm, the output line should avoid exposure, and tie the battery module towards due south, and the compass should point to the standard.  

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