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Solar street lamp installation - part 2

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Lamp pole lifting

1) Before lifting the lamp pole, be sure to check the fixation of each component, and check whether there is any deviation between the lamp cap and the battery board

Make appropriate adjustments.

2) Put the lifting rope at the appropriate position of the lamp pole and slowly lift the lamp. Avoid scratching the battery board with the crane wire rope.

3) When the lamp pole is lifted directly above the foundation, slowly put down the lamp pole, rotate the lamp pole at the same time, and adjust the lamp cap to face the road,

Align the holes on the flange with the anchor automatic solar street light - HOMMIIEE

After the flange plate is placed on the foundation, the flat washer, spring washer and nut shall be put on successively, and finally the nut shall be uniformly tightened with a wrench,

Fix the lamp pole.

Remove the lifting rope, and check whether the lamp pole is inclined and whether the lamp pole is adjusted.

 Installation of battery and controller

1) Put the battery into the battery well and thread the battery wire onto the subgrade with fine iron wire.

2) Connect the connecting line to the controller according to the technical requirements; Connect the battery first, then the load, and then the sun plate; meet

During line operation, it must be noted that the wiring of each circuit and the wiring terminal marked on the controller shall not be wrongly connected, and the positive and negative polarity shall not collide,

Can not be reversed; Otherwise, the controller will be damaged.

3) Check whether the street lamp works normally; Set the mode of the controller to make the street lamp light up and check whether there is a problem. If No problem. After setting the lighting time, seal the lamp cover of the lamp pole.

4) Wiring effect diagram of intelligent controller.

Adjustment and secondary embedment of solar street lamp module

1) After the installation of the solar street lamp, check the installation effect of the overall street lamp. If the lamp pole is tilted, re

Adjustment. Finally, the installed street lamps shall be neat and uniform as a whole.

2) Check whether there is any deviation in the sunrise angle of the battery panel. It is necessary to adjust the sunrise direction of the battery panel to fully face the south,

The specific direction shall be subject to the compass.

3) Stand in the middle of the road and check whether the lamp arm is skewed and whether the lamp cap is proper. If the lamp arm or lamp cap is not aligned, it needs to be reset

New adjustment.

4) After all the installed street lamps are adjusted neatly and uniformly, and the lamp arm and lamp cap are not tilted, the lamp pole base shall be subject to secondary

Secondary embedment. Cement the lamp pole base into a small square to make the solar street lamp more firm and reliable.

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