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Solar street lamp installation - part 1

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Foundation pouring

1) Determine the installation position of street lamps: members of the construction team of our company will, according to the construction drawings and the geological conditions of the survey site

Where there is no sunshade at the top of the street lamp, the installation position of the street lamp shall be determined based on the 40m distance between the street lamps, otherwise it shall be appropriate

Replace the installation position of street lamp.

2) Excavation of street lamp foundation pit: excavate the street lamp foundation pit at the fixed installation position of the streetsolar powered led lamp supply - HOMMIIEE lamp. If the soil is soft at 1m above the ground,

Then the depth of our excavation will deepen. Confirm and protect other facilities (such as cables, pipelines, etc.) at the excavation location.

3) Build a battery box in the excavated foundation pit to bury the battery. If the foundation pit is not wide enough, we will continue

Excavate wide enough to accommodate the battery box.

4) Pouring of embedded parts for street lamp Foundation: the embedded parts pre welded by the company shall be placed in the pit with a depth of 1m

And put one end of the steel pipe in the middle of the embedded parts and the other end in the place where the battery is buried. And keep the embedded parts, foundation and

The ground is on the same level. Then use C20 concrete to pour and fix the embedded parts. Mix continuously during pouring

To ensure the compactness and firmness of the whole embedded parts.

5) After the construction is completed, the residue on the positioning plate shall be cleaned in time until the concrete is completely solidified (about 4 days,

If the weather is fine, it will take 3 days) before the installation of solar street lamps.

Installation of solar street lamp assembly

1) Solar panel installation

1) Place the solar panel on the panel bracket and tighten it with screws to make it firm and reliable.

2) Connect the output line of the solar panel, pay attention to connect the positive and negative poles of the panel correctly, and use。

Tie the tie firmly.

3) After connecting the wires, tin the wiring of the battery board to prevent oxidation of the wires. Then place the connected battery board

Go aside and wait for threading.

Lamp holder installation

1) Thread the lamp line through the lamp arm, and leave a section of lamp line at one end of the installation lamp cap to facilitate the installation of the lamp cap.

2) Support the lamp pole, thread the other end of the lamp line through the reserved line hole of the lamp pole, and route the lamp line to the top end of the lamp pole.

And install the lamp cap at the other end of the lamp line.

3) Align the lamp arm with the screw hole on the lamp pole, and then use a quick wrench to tighten the lamp arm with screws. Visual inspection of lamp arm: None

Tighten the lamp arm after skewing.

4) Mark the end of the lamp wire passing through the top of the lamp pole, and use a thin threading tube to connect the two wires together with the solar panel wire

It is threaded to the bottom end of the lamp pole together, and the solar panel is fixed on the lamp pole. Check that the screws are tightened and wait for the crane to lift.

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