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Solar powered yard lights play the major roles in daily life

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When it comes to residential solar street lights, many people's first reaction is to think of the lighting method of ancient big houses, which cannot be compared with modern garden lights. Now many private courtyards are illuminated by solar lamps.  In order to achieve night lighting, at the same time to a certain extent, greatly reduce the consumption of energy, in line with the requirements of modern economic construction, there is no need to worry about a large number of electricity bills, waste national resources.  And the solar street lamp energy source can be said to be unlimited, very energy saving and environmental protection, in line with the green standard.  solar powered street lights - HOMMIIEE

At present, solar street lamps in the market are divided into many kinds, mainly according to the different design concept, roughly divided into three types, one is European garden lights, one is modern garden lights, the other is classical garden lights.  The following article, xiaobian mainly to introduce you to some cleaning methods of solar garden lights, interested friends let us understand it together!  

Solar garden street light how to clean

At present, solar courtyard street lamps are widely used in our life, and bring great convenience to our night life.  The main maintenance of solar garden street lamp is to better prolong its service life and give full play to its lighting advantages.  

1. Because floodlights are often exposed outdoors and have experienced wind and rain weather, there will be more dust on the lighting of general solar garden street lamps. Dust can be wiped off regularly with wet cloth to keep the lampposts clean as new.  When wiping, it is necessary to pay attention to wiping in one direction, and keep the strength of the action moderate. For fragile parts, the action should be gentle.  

2, secondly, we also need to pay attention to the lighting inside, in some cases, we will to clean of the light bulb, then, first of all should guarantee to put out the street lamp, remove the bulb do brush try again, this will be more safer, if direct brush try, please pay attention not to chronological to tighten the bulbs, otherwise will be peeling off due to tight.  

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