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Solar powered yard lights-how to choose garden lights

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Courtyard is the outdoor space of the family, convenient for people to enjoy beautiful scenery and leisure entertainment, decoration design is extremely exquisite.  As a lighting tool, the garden lamp is indispensable in the garden decoration.  There are so many kinds of garden lights on the market that it can be difficult to make a choice, so knowledge is crucial.  So, how to choose a garden light?  What are the considerations for the purchase of garden lights?  Let's take a look.  

One, how to choose garden lights  

1. Style should be coordinated  

When buying garden lights, pay attention to the style, try to keep harmony and unity with the garden decoration style, so as to have the overall effect and beauty.  If the courtyard is randomly matched, it may make people feel abrupt and affect the aesthetic effect.  If the courtyard is decorated in European style, it is recommended to choose a more gorgeous style;  If Chinese style, can choose more elegant design.  Everyone likes the type will be different, you can choose according to their own preferences.  commercial solar power street lights price - HOMMIIEE

2. The light source should be warm and comfortable  

The installation of garden lights is mainly to facilitate people's activities at night. In addition, the temperature at night is low. In order to make people feel warm, it is suitable to choose a warm and comfortable light source, which is also conducive to creating a warm family environment.  Avoid the illuminant that chooses cool color to move as far as possible, can make domestic atmosphere cold and cheerless.  

3. lightning protection coefficient is higher  

The garden lamp is installed outdoors, and there are often abnormal weather such as thunder and rain. In order to use it for a long time, the garden lamp with high lightning protection coefficient should be selected as far as possible. Of course, this is also a safety precaution, as yard lights can be easily damaged by lightning and can even cause a fire.  

4. consider the power supply mode  

At present, in the market, courtyard lights can be divided into two kinds according to the power supply mode. One is the ordinary power supply mode, which needs to be connected with wires for lighting, which is quite troublesome.  The other is a new and more popular lighting way, which is powered by the heat energy of solar energy, which is more energy saving and environmental protection, and more convenient to use.  Consumers can choose according to their preferences.  

5. sunscreen antifreeze better  

It is hot in summer and cold in winter, and garden lights will be placed outdoors all the year round. In order to be able to use normally, try to choose lamps with good sunscreen and anti-freezing performance when choosing them.  Lamps and lanterns should withstand summer insolation, get the cold that passes winter, such ability can make domestic life more convenient.  

6.easy to install and maintain  

In order to make people's life more comfortable and convenient, when choosing lamps and lanterns to install and maintain more convenient style as far as possible.  In life, people can install and maintain their own, which also reduces the cost of maintenance.  

Two, garden lamp purchase matters needing attention  

1 . pay attention to the type of lamps and lanterns  

There are various types of garden lights. According to the style, they can be divided into European, Chinese, classical, etc. According to the light source, they can be divided into solar garden lights and LED garden lights. Different types will have different effects.  Of course, the shape and size of the courtyard lamp are also different. Consumers can choose according to their preferences and the style of courtyard decoration.  

2. pay attention to the lighting effect  

The choice of garden lights should also pay attention to the lighting effect. First of all, the lighting area should be wide, so as to make people more convenient.  Next, lamplight brightness wants appropriate, unfavorable too dazzling, can let a person feel giddy otherwise.  It is recommended to choose the light source of warm colors, which is conducive to building courtyard atmosphere.  

3. Consider the special site   

When choosing garden lights, we should also consider the field situation. The courtyard of different families will have different environments, some are damp and dark, some are dry and stuffy, and the lamps and lanterns suitable for different environments are not the same, so we should choose the corresponding lamps and lanterns according to the environment.  In order to prevent electric shock, burns and other accidents, to take protective measures. attention to the shell material  

The shell of the garden lamp has different materials, the most common is aluminum, iron and steel, different materials will have different characteristics, and will have different decoration effects.  Steel material is qualitative sense is stronger, and firm and durable, and aluminum and iron are qualitative besides having illume effect, still have very good adornment sex.  Consumers can choose according to their own ideas and yard decoration.  

5. Consider economics  

Price is a factor that people are more concerned about. In addition to paying attention to the quality and appearance of garden lights, they should also consider whether they are economical.  Avoid to choose the lamps and lanterns with low price as far as possible, because the possible quality is very poor, bring about often appear electricity leakage or cannot be used normally wait for a situation, such meeting increases running cost.  Contrary, the lamps and lanterns with high price, quality is guaranteed, and durable, running cost is less also, save money and save effort.  

6. Pay attention to decoration  

The courtyard also belongs to a part of the family, so the courtyard lamp should also have a certain decorative, can make the environment more elegant and beautiful, let a person pleasing to the eye, but also can highlight the life taste and style of the householder.  

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