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Solar powered yard lights have some advantages

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In order to further improve the level of liaocheng city street lighting, to build green lighting city, at present, LED street lamp shandong Liaocheng City Administration is implementing the energy-saving reconstruction project of street lamp: more than 6000 street lamps on several roads in the city will be replaced with LED energy-saving lamps, the project is expected to be completed before the Spring Festival.  solar powered street light company - HOMMIIEE

It is understood that the energy-saving upgrading of street lamps is mainly to replace the high pressure sodium lamps and low frequency deldeless lamps with long running life and low brightness in the urban area, and all of them are replaced with LED lamps.  Compared with high pressure sodium lamp and low frequency stepless lamp, LED lamp has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, long service time, good stability and so on.  "More than 6,000 LED energy-saving lamps will be installed in this energy-saving renovation of street lamps. The project is expected to be completed before the Spring Festival, according to the relevant department of the City administration.  

"The new street lights are brighter, making it safer and more convenient to go out at night!"  Recently, some citizens found that limin Road has a new street light "on duty", the road is a lot of bright, residents have praised.  The LED street lamp  

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