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Solar powered yard lights are different from other solar lamps

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The difference between the solar powered yard lights in the community and the courtyard light in the square  

The pace of urban construction in China has been increasing in recent years.  City lighting is also getting better.  In particular, the fashionable and beautiful garden lamps have replaced the traditional lamps.  Especially in some high-grade residential areas and civic squares has become a beautiful scenery.  But most people don't know that there is a difference between a garden light in a residential area and a garden light in a public square.  Let's introduce the differences between the two.  

First of all, the characteristics and style of the garden light in the community: the first is to achieve a certain lighting effect, convenient for residents in the evening community;  Second, to conform to the style of the whole building, consistent with the style of the whole community, play a complementary effect;  The third should pay attention to beautiful sex, neither too drab, also do not want too dazzle beautiful, do not make people produce aesthetic fatigue.  According to the integral style of the community, both Chinese and European lamp type can be produced, in addition to the luminaires village garden light, the staggered general highway cloth lamp and symmetric cloth lamp, each have advantages and disadvantages in two ways, can choose according to the layout of the village the most appropriate way (there will be a thorough introduction in future articles, here we will not continue to explore), that satisfy lighting effects,  It also pays attention to beauty.  

Square garden light is part of the public buildings, embodies the style and character of a city, so want to have the strong artistic effect, its characteristic and style, the first day beautification, the modelling of the entire courtyard lamp to consider aesthetic integration of the square, night to consider art lighting, light color to foil the beauty of the square, walk also consider lighting effect for citizens;  The second focus on ornamental, that is to say, the courtyard lamp itself should be beautiful in shape, and can beautify the lighting environment, but also become a cultural symbol of a city or a region.  cheap solar street light lamp pole - HOMMIIEE

Material choice courtyard light what kind of material is better  

The pole body is a very important part of the various components of the courtyard lamp, so what kind of material is the best for the body and surface of the courtyard lamp pole?  There are roughly three kinds of pole body quality of garden light, one is aluminum garden light, one is iron garden light, and a common steel garden light. The three production processes are not the same, the grinding tools are not the same, the construction period is not the same, the complexity is not the same, of course, the effect is not the same.  If you want to say what kind of good, first of all to consider the feelings of customers, if customers like European, then choose cast aluminum and cast iron, if customers pay attention to firm and quality, then decisively choose steel yard lights.  There are reasons, there are reasons, we mainly from the firmness, courtyard lamp price, work to analyze.  

1. Solid, aluminum has a low boiling point, strong flexibility, and is easy to deform at high temperature. Compared with steel, its fastness is slightly poor.  It is generally not recommended to use in windy areas.  And the wall thickness of steel materials can be increased, high stability, strong supporting force, wind resistance up to 36km/s, earthquake resistance of 8.8 or more.  

2. Courtyard lamp price, the production process of cast aluminum is complex, the material cost is high, the shape is strange and other advantages, so the price is 3 times higher than the steel material courtyard lamp -6 times is very normal.  From the modeling point of view, the cast aluminum garden lamp is not necessarily the most beautiful and the most peculiar, the landscape garden lamp made of steel materials is also very beautiful.  

3. The work of cast aluminum and cast iron is much more complicated than that of iron and steel materials.  First of all, the aluminum is burned into liquid, and then the liquid becomes a model through special grinding tools. In the middle, all kinds of patterns are carved on the aluminum rod, and then galvanized and sprayed after drying.  The construction period and complexity are much more than steel materials.  And the steel material is just the steel plate through the shearing machine cutting into the required cone plate, and then through the rolling machine once rolled into a lamp pole, and then through welding, grinding and other processes will be beautiful, after the completion of galvanized plastic spraying.  

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