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Solar Lamp Pole

Raw Material:Q235,Q345,iron,Steel,Aluminum
Surface treatment:Hot dip galvanized with painting
Pole’s height:5m to 20m
Arm type  :Customized,single arm,double arms
Service life :25 years


The flexibility of our lamp pole process from small to large , from square to round allows for a customized pole design made to your exact specifications with the right materials to withstand the harshest environments. You will benefit from reduced maintenance expenses and a longer service lives with our lighting poles and traffic signal structures.

  • BAOSTEEL Q235 steel, high strength , great resistance and anti-corrosion

  • Eco-friendly painting process and customized color supplied

  • Easy installation with only screwdriver required

  • 25 years life span


Pole’s Height   5m to 20m
Shape Of Pole

Round conical; Octagonal tapered; Straight square; Tubular stepped; Shafts are made of steel sheet that folded into required shape and welded longitudinally by achromatic welding machine 

Brackets/ ArmSingle or double brackets/ arm are in the shape and dimension as per customers requirement
LengthWithin 14m once forming without slip joint
Wall Thickness2.5mm to 20mm
WeldingIt has past flaw testing.Internal and external double welding makes the welding beautiful in shape.   And confirms with international welding standard of CWB
JointingJointing of pole with insert mode,innerflange mode,face to face joint mode.
Base Plate MountedBase plate is square or round in shape with slotted holes for anchor bolt and dimension as per customers requirement.
Ground MountedThe length buried underground as per customers requirement.
GalvanizingHot dip galvanization with thickness of 80-100µm average in accordance with Chinese standard GB/T 13912-2002 or American standard ASTM A123, IS: 2626-1985.
Powder CoatingPure polyester powder painting, color is optional according to RAL Color stardand.
Wind ResistanceAganist wind pressure of 160Km/h

Production Process

Lamp Pole manufacturers-HOMMIIEE

1. Light Pole Taper Steel Plate Cutting Process

We use cut to length machine to uncoil, level, cut, scrape edge and taper, then we can get one side small width, one side big width steel plate.

2. Light Pole Taper Steel Plate Bending Process

We use CNC tandem press brake machine to bend conical or polygon shape pole by special tooling.

3. Light Pole Shut Welding Machine Process:

After bended by press brake machine, the pole has been formed, but there will a seam.Therefore we use our special design shut welding machine to weld this seam automatically.

4. Light Pole Straighten Process:

After welding, the pole will be bent, not straight, then we need use straightening machine to straight.

5. Base Plate Making Process

We use shearing machine to cut square shape , then ironwoker to punch holes.

6. Base Plate Automatcial Welding Process

we use this equipment to weld base plate with light pole

7. Light pole door cutting machine

We specially designed this light pole door cutting machine to cut door for conical, octagonal light pole.The cutting shape can be circle, square, rectrangle...

8. Light pole top part bending process

We design special fixture to clamp light pole top part, then use winch to pull and bend

9. Light pole top part drilling hole process

It is suitable for light pole top fixing hole quick drilling process.Once finish two holes.

10. Galvanizing process of Lamp Pole

Hot-dip galvanization is a form of galvanization. It is the process of coating iron and steel with zinc, which alloys with the surface of the base metal when immersing the metal in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of around 449 °C 

11.Powder coating

Attack rusted areas with a steel bristled brush,sand the rounded part of the pole 

outdoor Lamp Pole manufacturers-HOMMIIEE

Strict material Control

In view of the high-pole lamp open-air working environment, lamp poles and other parts made of steel are hot galvanized and electrostatic spray, 30 years of corrosion resistance , steel rod with plug-in type.

Structure Introduction

The overall lift includes all cables loaded into the lamp pole. A cable connects remote control box to control box. The frame is mounted on the support beam of the fixed structure with three steel cables at an angle of 120 degrees.Six rollers (in three groups) guide the cable into the pole. One connector connects three secondary cables to one or two primary cables.

There is an emergency braking device for preventing accidents drop lifting lamp rack, with cable break insurance locking function. The device simultaneously ensures positioning is prevent from swinging during the lifting process(To be customized)


No crack, no leakage welding, no bite edge, weld smooth level off without the concavo-convex fluctuation or any welding defects.

outdoor Lamp Pole supply-HOMMIIEE

Hot Dip Galvanizing Process

Inside and outside surface anti-corrosion treatment by hot dipping acid. Zinc coating is more than 85 um thick, which is in accord with GB/T13912-92 standard. Designed life of pole is more than 30 years, and the galvanized surface is smooth and with the same color. Flake peeling hasn't been seen after maul test

Powder Coating Process

Pure polyester plastic powder coating is stable, and with strong adhesion & strong ultraviolet ray resistance. Film thickness is more than 100 um and with strong adhesion. The surface is not peeling even with blade scratch (15 * 6 mm square). Surface is smooth and color and luster are identical.

outdoor Lamp Pole price-HOMMIIEE

Light source

Adopted by long life, high efficiency of high-pressure sodium lamps or LED lamps, wattage customized by customer requirement. 

Application range

City square, station, wharf, freight yard, highway, stadium, and overpass.



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