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HOMMIIEE as one of China best professional home energy solar systems suppliers&manufacturers.Main products:whole home solar system and off grid solar kits for homes.

An off-grid system is a stand-alone photovoltaic system that provides a cost-effective mode of supplying lighting and appliances to remote off-grid homes. In rural areas that are not connected to the grid, off-grid systems can be used to meet the energy demands of households for basic electricity needs. Globally, it provide power to hundreds of thousands of households in remote areas that cannot be electrified through the grid.

A hybrid system generates power in the same way as a common on-grid solar system but it uses batteries to store energy for later use. Once the batteries are full, the excess solar gets sold to the grid, earning you an income. It usually operates as a backup power supply similar to a UPS system.

A SHS typically consists of solar panels (to absorb sunlight), controller (to control solar charging) inverter (to converts DC into AC), mounting structure (to hold the panels in place), batteries (to store additional power generated), grid box and system balancing (wires, nuts etc.). It comes in various sizes such as 1 kW, 3kW, 5kW, 10kW etc.

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