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Solar Home System 3KW-10KW

Solar Panel :Mono/Poly Solar Module

Inverter : Hybrid Off Grid Inverter

Solar Battery : Deep cycle Gel/Lithium battery

Combiner Box:DC/AC Combiner Box(SPD; Circuit Breaker)

Mounting Structure:Roof/ Ground Mounting Structure

PV Cable:4-20mm2 PV Cable

MC4:MC4 Connector Compatible

Off-Grid Solar System Descriptions

Hybrid Off Grid Solar Home Power System 3KW 5KW 10KW

The off-grid solar system is also know as a stand-alone power system (SAPS), which is not connected to the public utility grid and therefore energy storage battery is required to store electricity. It is designed to supply DC and/or AC electrical appliances, and suitable for residential applications in remote areas that are far from electricity grid or lack of electricity supplies.

A whole system mainly comes up with solar panels, inverter, battery packs and also PV charge controller, mounting system, cables, installation tools etc. 

How Does an Off-grid Solar Home System Work?

The solar panels are linked together in series to convert solar energy or sunlight into DC power and then converted by a solar inverter into AC power to run home appliances. Meanwhile, excess power will be sent and stored in battery system. After the battery is fully charged, it will stop receiving power from the solar system. When the solar system can not work during night time or cloudy days, the home appliances will draw power from the battery.

How Does an Off-grid Solar Home System Work-HOMMIIEE

Off-Grid Solar Home System One-Stop Solutions

Product List


 Hybrid Power Storage


Hybrid Power Storage


Hybrid Power Storage

Solar Panels 9pcs; Poly/Mono Solar Module 350W (Optional) 14pcs; Poly/Mono Solar Module 350W (Optional) 32pcs; Poly/Mono Solar Module 350W (Optional)
DC Combiner Box 1 Set; 2 input-outputs (Switches, Breakers, SPD)
Hybrid Inverter 1 Set; 3KW Pure Sine Wave Single Phase Hybrid Inverter (50/60Hz) 1 Set; 5KW Pure Sine Wave Single Phase Hybrid Inverter (50/60Hz) 1 Set; 10KW Pure Sine Wave Single/Three Phase Hybrid Inverter (50/60Hz)

4pcs*12V250Ah Gel batter

y Or 2*48V100Ah Lithium Battery (Optional)

4 Sets; 2/12/48V Gel/AGM/Lithium Battery (Optional) 4 Sets; 12/48V Gel/AGM/Lithium Battery (Optional)
PV Cables 2 Rolls; 4mm²/6mm² 4 Rolls; 4mm²/6mm 6 Rolls; 4mm²/6mm²
MC4 Connector
14 paris; MC4; 30A/1000V DC 60 paris; MC4; 30A/1000V DC
Installation Brackets 1 Set; Aluminum/Galvanized Steel; Customized
Installation Tools MC4 Spanner, Crimping Pliers, Wire Stripper

buy best Solar home system-HOMMIIEEbuy best Solar home system-HOMMIIEE

Noted: The above product dimensions and physical appearance are subjected to change based on individual solutions. We reserve the right to make the change.

Why Use Solar Home System

Clean energy, environmental friendly.

Easier Installation.

Reduced electricity costs.

Avoid uninterrupted power outages. 

Off-Grid Solar Home System Application Fields

  • Cottages Camp Grounds

  • Coast Guard Stations

  • First Nation Communities

  • Island Communities & Homes

  • Isolated Communities

  • Mines & Natural Resource Sites

  • Northern Roads, Rail Lines & Air Strips

  • National Defence Facilities

  • Research & Scientific Outposts

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