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HOMMIIEE is one of China best professional solar power kits for your home suppliers&manufacturers.Main products:home mini solar system,solar home lighting system,portable solar power kits and solar generator for home.

Power failure or electricity shortage may happen at any time without notice. A set of smart home solar system kit is necessary which bring light or electricity anytime and anywhere.

HOMMIIZZ quiet portable solar home kits don’t emit noxious fumes like gas powered generators and can power your home for as long as needed. They’re run by solar energy, so every day it gets powered by Mother Nature and doesn’t require purchasing fuel. In emergency situations, solar powered kits can be a life saver. While the rest of the neighborhood is in the dark, you’re sitting comfortably in your home with a working refrigerator, appliances and equipment such as laptops, radio, bulbs, DC fans and home alarm systems.

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