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Quick review of solar street light working principle and advantages

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Introduction to solar energy

Solar energy is an inexhaustible, clean, non-polluting and renewable green energy source. The use of solar power, incomparable cleanliness, a high degree of security, the relative breadth and sufficiency of energy, long life and maintenance-free and other conventional energy does not have the advantages of photovoltaic energy is considered the most important new energy in the twenty-first century. Solar street lights do not need to lay cables, AC power supply, do not produce electricity; DC power supply, control; with good stability, long life, high luminous efficiency, easy installation and maintenance, high safety performance, energy saving, environmental protection, economic and practical advantages. Can be widely used in urban main and secondary roads, neighborhoods, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and other places. Product components lamp pole structure: steel lamp pole and bracket, surface spraying treatment, battery plate connection using special anti-theft stainless steel screws.

Street solar led lights basics

Solar street light is a street light that uses crystalline silicon solar cells for power supply, maintenance-free valve-regulated sealed battery (colloidal battery) for storing electric energy, ultra-high bright LED lamps as light source, and controlled by intelligent charge/discharge controller for replacing traditional public power lighting.

Solar led street lamp working principle

1. The working principle of solar street light is to convert solar energy to electricity so as to achieve lighting, the top of the street light is solar panels aka photovoltaic modules, during the day these photovoltaic modules made of polycrystalline silicon will convert solar energy into electricity stored in the battery, so that the solar street light under the control of the intelligent controller, solar panels after the sun's rays, absorb solar light and converted into electricity, during the day solar cell The solar cell module charges the battery pack. In the evening, through the control of the controller, the electrical energy is delivered to the light source for people to light at night. At night, the battery pack provides power to the LED light source to realize the lighting function.

2. Solar street light is through the solar energy for power generation, so there is no cable line, no leakage and other accidents. DC controller can ensure that the battery pack is not damaged by overcharging or overdischarging, and it also has light control, time control, temperature compensation and lightning protection, reverse polarity protection and other functions. No need to lay cables, no need for AC power supply, no electricity bill.LED flood lights cost -Hommiiee

3. Solar street light's low carbon environmental protection, safety and reliability and a series of other advantages are recognized by the majority of customers, and thus has been vigorously promoted. Therefore, it can be widely used in urban main and secondary roads, neighborhoods, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and other places.

LED solar street lamp advantages

1. Wide range of energy sources

Solar street lights use solar photovoltaic cells to provide electricity, solar energy as a green new energy, "inexhaustible, inexhaustible". Full use of solar energy resources, to alleviate the tension of conventional energy has a positive significance.

2. Simple and convenient installation

Solar street lights are simple and easy to install, no need to do a lot of foundation works such as laying cables like ordinary street lights, only need to have a base fixed, all the lines and control parts are placed in the light frame, forming a whole.

3. Low maintenance cost

Solar street lights use solar power supply, except for rainy days converted to utility power supply will produce a small part of the cost of electricity, the operating cost is almost zero. The whole system operation is automatically controlled, without human intervention, almost no maintenance costs.

4. Save energy and protect environmental

Solar photovoltaic conversion to provide electricity, inexhaustible. No pollution, no noise, no radiation. Solar street lights can add new selling points for the development and promotion of noble ecological communities; it can continuously reduce property management costs and reduce the cost of the owners' public share. In summary, solar lighting safety without hidden dangers, energy saving without consumption, green, easy to install, automatic control and maintenance-free inherent characteristics of the property sales, municipal engineering construction directly bring obvious advantages available.

5. Long life expectancy

The life of solar lamps and lanterns is much higher than the life of ordinary electric lamps and lanterns, such as the main components of solar lamps and lanterns ---- solar cell module life of 25 years; low-voltage sodium lamp average life of 18,000 hours; low-voltage high-efficiency trichromatic energy-saving lamps average life of 6,000 hours; super bright LED average life of more than 50,000 hours; solar battery life of 2-5 years for below 38AH; 3-7 years for 38-150AH. High technology content of the product, control system, accessories are international brands, intelligent design, reliable quality. According to the conventional district in accordance with the local price bureau "according to the pure residential building area one-time charge community street light maintenance fee of 6 yuan / ㎡" provisions, making the initial investment of ordinary lamps and lanterns to be much higher than the initial investment of solar lamps and lanterns. In short, a comprehensive comparison of solar lamps and lanterns to save investment characteristics is quite obvious.

6. High safety features

Solar street lights due to the use of 12-24V low-voltage, stable voltage, reliable operation, there is no security risks, is the ecological community, the road department ideal products. There are no accidents such as electric shock and fire. Municipal electric street light safety hazards, people's living environment in the changing circumstances, road renovation, construction of landscape projects, power supply is not normal, water and gas pipeline cross construction and many other aspects bring many hidden dangers.

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