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We have a proud list of projects that we would like to highlight that show our design-flexibility and custom capabilities.
In Tibet
Unique design of low temperature working ability 
at -50℃~45℃ was applied for Tibet solar garden lighting.
In Guayana
60W with 9m height, hot-dip galvanized and plastic powder coated treatment, anti-rust solar pole installed in May, 2017 in Cambodia.
In Anhui
Highway solar lighting and monitoring project for Jamaica received an honor from local government for the quality and service in 2017.
In Shanghai
Project of 26 integrated road light IL1 (25w panel, light 8w) on 26 poles 6 meters, all set provided by hommiiee. Located in Guayana near Kourou. Finished in April, 2018.
In Jamaica
With a mixture of high-mast lighting towers and galvanized steel roadway light poles, the city of Wasilla, Alaska selected HOMMIIEE. These round galvanized poles were designed to support a 20 foot tapered arm with a luminaire mounting height of 40 feet above the roadway. Project finished on Sept, 2017.
In Jiangsu
A trusted supplier of state and city governments, we manufacture traffic signal structures to stringent specifications. Our engineers and craftsmen design and build standard and decorative traffic control structures for Cities and Departments and Transportation across China.
Zone One, Guoji Industry Park,
Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province


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