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Overall performance index of solar LED street lamp - part 2

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Circuit commissioning

Found in production. The actual state transition point of NE555 time base circuit, i.e. the reversal jump point of 1 / 3V (: C) and 2 / 3vcc state, does not strictly follow the theoretical value. 14.4V overcharge control can be realized by adjusting resistor R13. The actual requirements can be achieved by changing R13 from the designed 100k Ω to 120K Ω. Similarly, the indicated voltage of battery can be calibrated by adjusting vr4.

Solar street lamp controller made of PIC 12F 675 single chip microcomputer

Figure 2 is the circuit of solar street lamp controller made by pic12f675 single chip microcomputer. Pic 12F 675 is an 8-pin single chip microcomputer with 6 I / 0 ports. It is equipped with internal RC oscillator (oscillation frequency is 4MHz), 4-way 10 bit a / D converter and one-way comparator. The controller has stable and reliable performance and low power consumption.

Working principle

Pic 12f675 controls the overcharge and over discharge of the battery, the functions of turning on and off street lamps, the functions of timing lighting, automatic lighting in dark, delayed lighting, automatic tracking lighting, street lamp lighting test control function, LED indication function, etc.

The power supply system is composed of battery BTL, battery overcharge control actuator FET 01 and three terminal voltageindustrial outdoor led security lights suppliers - HOMMIIEE regulator U1; Q2, Q4. Composition discharge control; K1 manual, R_ GM1 light controlled automatic lighting system, battery partial voltage resistance, led and other parts. The voltage of the solar panel is input from the interface J3. After passing through the anti reverse charging diode D1, it is divided into two ways. One way is stabilized by U1 LM 78l 05 to provide working power for PIC 12f675 single chip microcomputer, and the other way is to charge the battery through FB fuse. After the single chip microcomputer is powered on, the hardware circuit composed of RF and CF is reset first. Then the software controls the high level output of U2 ③ pin gp4 to turn Q4 on and Q2 off, the control system stops discharging, then detects the partial voltage value on U2 ⑦ pin Gp0, and indirectly detects and judges whether the battery is undervoltage and overvoltage through internal A / D conversion and software operation. If the battery is overcharged, Then, the software controls the high level output of pin GP5 of U2 ② to turn Q1 on, short circuit the solar panel, stop charging the battery, and turn on the "overcharge" indicator LED2 at the same time; If charging has not occurred, U2 ② pin GP5 outputs low level to allow battery charging. By detecting the photosensitive resistance R connected to pin GP1 of U2 ⑥_ According to the partial voltage value on GM1, judge whether it is "dark, it's time to turn on the street lamp". If the preset light on point is reached, the software controls U2 ③ pin gp4 to output low level, so as to cut off Q4 and turn on 02, and turn on the street lamp. If the light on point is not reached, the program returns and circularly detects the above parameters.

K1 is the manual light on button. Press K1 and the street lamp will be on. The single chip microcomputer detects the photosensitive resistance R_ According to the partial voltage value on GM1, judge whether it is "dark". If it is dark, turn on the street lamp according to the design requirements. If not, the single chip microcomputer enters the "test" function of the street lamp controller: the street lamp will go out automatically after 2 minutes.


Because the program design of single chip microcomputer is very flexible, here we use "light on point" as the light on flag, which can be time. It can also be the "degree" of darkness. If the time is defined, the street lamp can be timed from this time and turned off after several hours; If it is dark, the street lamps can be turned on after it is dark. After that, it can be timed out or extinguished after dawn. Everything is up to the software designer.

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