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Outdoor Solar Garden Lights

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    Solar garden lights are decorative products with beautiful appearance, it has a classical style, the arm of the lamp has a lot of patterns, some are gorgeous, some are simple, some are romantic.

    Solar garden lights use solar panels to charge the battery during the daytime, and the battery powers the garden light at night . There is no need for complicated and expensive pipeline laying. The layout of the lights can be adjusted arbitrarily, which is safe, energy-saving and pollution-free. The charge and discharge process adopts intelligent light control, no need Manual operation, stable and reliable work, saving electricity costs, no maintenance.

    The solar garden light pole is usually about 3 meters, so we need to choose a with lower power light source  to avoid light pollution. Most of them are used in garden scenic spots, cultural squares, pedestrian streets, and residential quarters to provide road lighting while combining scenery with light and shadow to increase viewing value.

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