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Flexible solar cells made on glass
Traditional solar cells still focus on crystalline silicon technology. A few years ago, the cost of silicon solar panels was $4 per watt. Professor Martin Green of the University of New South Wales in Australia, one of the "leading brothers" in the field of research, once declared that the cost of
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Standards that need attention in the lighting of municipal roads
Urban road lighting is an important part of the city's night scene. It also has many urban functions such as ensuring the safety of vehicles and pedestrians at night, creating a comfortable visual environment, improving traffic efficiency, and reducing crime. Therefore, this is a necessary livelihoo
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LED solar light technical requirements
With the development and progress of solar photovoltaic technology, solar cells, as a new energy source, were first applied to lighting fixtures for civilian use. Solar lighting products have the dual advantages of environmental protection and energy saving. Solar LED lighting products are a new gen
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Industrial lighting: what are the regulations for the lighting of the workplace inside and outside the production plant
The usual lighting in the workplace inside and outside the production plant should ensure sufficient brightness. The lighting in the instrument panel equipped with water level gauges, pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, thermometers, various recording instruments, stair passages, and all narrow places
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Introduction to solar home systems and photovoltaic modules
The solar home system is SHS (Solar Home System) mainly refers to the small photovoltaic power generation system installed in office buildings, residences, etc., to supply power for the residents themselves. During the day, the power generation system charges the battery; at night, the power generat
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