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Maintenance skills of solar street lights and design principles of controllers
Pay attention to the beauty of the solar street light pole after installation. Starting from the basic construction, the lamp position should be controlled based on the main line and the linearity should be controlled according to the road design. The lamp pole should be straight. The welding seam and the access point should be avoided. The direction of the row is consistent across the line.
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Durable performance of street lights
The market demand for solar street lights is becoming more and more extensive due to their environmental protection, low carbon and energy saving characteristics. Then some people are worried, are solar street lights durable? Based on the fact that solar street lights are used outdoors, it is understandable to have such a worry before understanding the relevant knowledge.
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Introduction to the types of solar street light panels
Amorphous silicon solar cell is a new type of thin film solar cell that appeared in 1976. It is completely different from monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon solar cells. The process is greatly simplified, the silicon material consumption is low, and the power consumption is lower. The advantage is that it can generate electricity in low light conditions. However, the main problem of amorphous silicon solar cells is the low photoelectric conversion efficiency. The current international* level is about 10%, and it is not stable enough. As time goes by, its conversion efficiency decays.
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How to install solar street lights?
Really green and pollution-free solar street lights, including solar cells, batteries, controllers, solar light, solar hydropower, thermal power, and nuclear power have unparalleled advantages and safety. ,universality.
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Seven reasons to make LED an ideal choice for industrial lighting
1. Energy efficiencyCompared with traditional incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and halogen lamps, the electricity used by LEDs is reduced by about 40-70%, thereby saving a lot of energy costs. If in long-term lighting applications, the cost savings are even more substantial.2. Super long lifeUn
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