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Industrial lighting mode
Industrial lighting modeLighting methods can be divided into general lighting, zoning general lighting, local lighting and mixed lighting. Its application principle shall comply with the following provisions.
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Selection of industrial lighting source
Selection of industrial lighting sourceThe light source shall be selected according to the characteristics and requirements of the production process. The lighting source should be electrodeless lamp.
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Classification of industrial lights
According to the production characteristics of products, industrial plants can be roughly divided into the following three types. General production plant: plant produced under normal environment.
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Scope and types of industrial lighting
The lighting design scope of the factory includes indoor lighting, outdoor device lighting, station and yard lighting, underground lighting, road lighting, guard lighting, obstacle lighting, etc.Key points of industrial lighting designScope and types of industrial lighting.
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Introduction of Industrial lighting
Introduction of industrial lighting. The lighting system shall not interfere with the production process or affect the flow of clean air in the area. The system must be easy to maintain.
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