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Advantages of solar street lights
Solar street light is a kind of street light that uses solar energy as an energy source. It is not affected by conventional electricity, does not need to drain trenches and buried wires, and does not consume conventional electricity. It can be used as long as there is sunlight.Because solar street l
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Composition of solar home system
Solar home system mainly refers to the small photovoltaic power generation system installed in office buildings, residences, etc., to supply power for the residents themselves. During the day, the power generation system charges the battery;In the evening, the power generation system reversely disch
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Led street light: technical indicators of light pole
The welding process of the lamp pole should be argon gas shielded welding. The entire pole body should be free of missing welds, undercuts, and burrs. The welds should be continuous and smooth, without welding defects, and without any transverse welds. The welding meets the requirements of the natio
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Definition and structure of gel battery
It belongs to a development classification of lead-acid batteries. The simplest method is to add a gelling agent to sulfuric acid to make the sulfuric acid electro-liquid into a colloidal state. Batteries in which the electro-hydraulic is in a gel state are usually called gel batteries.Broadly speak
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Introduction of explosion-proof lights
Explosion-proof lamp refers to a lamp used in dangerous places where flammable gas and dust exist, and can prevent the arc, spark and high temperature that may be generated inside the lamp from igniting the flammable gas and dust in the surrounding environment, so as to meet the requirements of expl
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