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Solar powered yard lights are different from other solar lamps
The difference between the courtyard light in the community and the courtyard light in the square The pace of urban construction in China has been increasing in recent years. City lighting is also getting better. In particular, the fashionable and beautiful garden lamps have replaced the traditio
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Led outside flood lights with some characteristics
Introduction to the Floodlights are not spotlights, projectiles, or spotlights. Floodlight made is highly diffuse, without direction rather than a clear outline of beam of light, creating soft and transparent, the shadow of the objects used in lighting, lighting of weakening is much slower than wh
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Solar panels : the installation steps
There are several mounting systems that contractors can use to install solar panels onto a roof. The mounting system used on your roof might differ from your neighbor’s depending on the size and shape, as well as the types of shingles you have on your roof. Direct mounted is the most common solution
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Photovoltaic module‘s introduction
Single solar cells cannot be used directly as power sources. As a power source, several single cells must be connected in series, in parallel, and tightly sealed into components. Solar cell components (also called solar panels) are the core part of the solar power system and the most important part
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Solar street lamp maintenance
With the rapid development of solar power generation and LED chip technology, solar street light systems have been widely used, especially in the construction of new rural areas in remote mountainous areas where the construction of large power transmission facilities is not convenient, especially in
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