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Composition of solar street lamp
Solar street lamps are composed of the following parts: solar panel, solar controller, battery pack, light source, lamp pole and lamp shell, and some are also equipped with inverter.1. Solar panelSolar panel is the core part of solar street lamp and the most valuable part of solar street lamp.
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The importance of solar energy
Solar energy productsSolar energy refers to the thermal radiant energy of the sun, usually manifested as sunlight. From a very early time, human beings have known to use solar energy for heating, drying items, food, etc.
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Market potential of solar street lights
Due to its green environmental protection, low operating cost and other advantages, coupled with the country's policy support for new energy, solar street lights have become more and more popular in recent years.
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Solar street light production project investment
The equipment required for the production of solar panels is mainly a panel assembly production line, and the investment amount varies from hundreds of thousands to several million, depending on the degree of automation and the production capacity of the production line.
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Solar street lights' future development direction
In addition to the application of solar street lights in new projects, more attention should be paid to existing traditional street lights, the transformation of traditional street light systems, and the installation of solar panels and batteries in traditional street light systems.
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