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Home energy solar system
Solar home power generation systems are divided into off-grid power generation systems and grid-connected power generation systems:1. Off-grid power generation system. It is mainly composed of solar cell components, controllers, and batteries. If you want to supply power to AC loads, you also need t
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Daycare PV's first S-series flexible off-grid power generation in Japan
Recently, the first industrial and commercial off-grid integrated power generation project using daycare photovoltaic MWT flexible components, after four months of laying inspection, officially started power generation in Japan. It cooperates with energy storage equipment to realize the spontaneous
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Solar LED street light's development prospects
The role of street lights in urban lighting is very important, which can facilitate people to travel better. Nowadays, solar LED street lights are very common. Then, what are the advantages and development direction of LED solar street lights? Let us introduce them in detail.  The advantages of sola
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Solar led street lamp
The solar light is composed of solar cell components, some LED lamps, a control box (with charger, controller, and storage battery in the control box) and a light pole. The luminous efficiency of the solar panel reaches 127Wp/m2, and the efficiency is high, which is very beneficial to the wind-resis
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Distributed photovoltaic power generation projects for more than 15 years service in China
In September 2006, China's first distributed photovoltaic power generation system started construction in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The project has a capacity of 30kW and is located in Yangzhou Yangguang Meidi District. This power station is not only built early, but also large in scale. In 2
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