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LED explosion-proof lights guide with classification and installation

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LED explosion-proof lamps are equipped with a glass lampshade (metal barricade), which is sealed, waterproof, dustproof, and prevent drilling a safe lamp, which means to prevent the ignition of surrounding explosive mixtures such as explosive gas environments, explosive dust environments, gas, etc. The lamps and lanterns with various specific measures are mainly used in factories, mines and other places.

Explosion proof led lights classification 

Explosion-proof lamps are generally classified according to the light source selected, the type of explosion-proof structure and the way of use.

According to the classification of light sources, there are explosion-proof incandescent lamps, explosion-proof high-pressure mercury lamps, explosion-proof low-voltage fluorescent lamps, explosion-proof LED lamps and mixed light source lamps.

According to the explosion-proof structure, there are explosion-proof lamps, heightened safety lamps, compound lamps, etc.

Depending on the method of use, there are fixed explosion-proof lamps and portable explosion-proof lamps.

According to the explosion-proof type, it is divided into 5 main types: explosion-proof type, increased safety type, positive pressure type, non-sparking type and dust explosion-proof type.

Classification according to the degree of protection of the enclosure: To protect against dust, solid foreign objects and water

Entering the lamp cavity, contacting or accumulating on live parts, resulting in arcing, short circuit or damage to electrical insulation, there are various enclosure protection measures and electrical protection methods to insulate. The enclosure protection level is indicated using the characteristic letters "IP" followed by two numbers. The first number indicates the ability to withstand people, solid foreign objects or dust. Divided into 0-6 grades. Explosion-proof lamps are sealed lamps with a dustproof capacity of at least 4 or more. The second number indicates the waterproof ability, which is divided into 0-8 grades.explosion proof led lights company -Hommiiee

Explosion proof led high bay lighting with transparent parts

Explosion-proof lamps are inseparable from transparent parts, which are the lowest strength parts of the enclosure. Therefore, the reliability of the installation of transparent parts directly affects the safety performance of explosion-proof lamps. Let's analyze three common mounting methods for transparent parts:

1. Seal it directly into the housing and form one piece with the housing. The method is simple, practical and widely used. The sealing material should be temperature and oil resistant rubber parts, or use epoxy resin and other adhesives to seal the housing and press the transparent part tightly.

2. With or without gasket, directly fix the transparent part in the housing. When not using gaskets, the flatness of the joint surface of the transparent part is very high. Usually, it is suitable for small flat glass, and the glass seams are smoothed at the same time, otherwise the glass will be unevenly stressed and easily broken.

3. Seal or glue it on the frame and fix the frame in the case so that the transparent part can be replaced as a whole.

This structure is rarely used in lamps. In some large-scale equipment that requires frequent replacement of transparent parts, the transparent part and the frame are replaced as one-piece parts. In terms of structure, the force on the transparent part (the force from the internal explosion) should be transferred directly to the metal shell. It is not suitable to pass the screws of the pressure plate and/or the transparent part to the metal casing. At the same time, the transparent part cannot bear pressure after installation, so as to ensure the reliable combination of the transparent part and the housing.

Explosion proof led flood light installation

The application market of LED explosion-proof lamps is relatively broad, and there are various types of LED explosion-proof lamps, so their installation methods are also different.

1. Ceiling type LED explosion-proof light

The first is to fix the explosion-proof chandelier box on the top in a fixed way, and connect the boom below, and the boom is connected to the explosion-proof lamp. Welded ceiling installation method is very suitable in the case of steel beams and roofs.

2. Hanging rod installation method

Thread the connector through the cable first, screw into the steel tube, tighten the set screw, then thread the cable through the spacer in turn. Seal the ring to the junction box (reserve a certain length of cable for easy wiring), then tighten the lamp body and the connector, and tighten the set screw. The above is the vertical boom type installation, as well as the inclined boom type installation method.

3. Wall-mounted installation method

First install the lamp body on the wall or other support through the bracket (make sure that the shading plate is directly above the bulb), and then pass the cable through the joint, gasket, sealing ring in sequence until the junction box (reserving a certain length of cable is convenient wiring), and finally tighten the connector and tighten the set screw.

4. Pole installation method

There are methods such as guardrail pole type, flange pole type and so on. This is generally used on the road, such as the road next to chemical plants and gas stations.

The bracket type installation is the most convenient, with a bracket, and then fix an expansion screw on the wall, which is very convenient. It is generally used instead of wall-mounted, and there is an advantage with brackets: the angle can be adjusted up and down, for example, some LED explosion-proof floodlights are basically bracket-type.

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