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Learn LED main advantages for industrial lighting

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What is industrial lighting?

The scope of factory lighting design includes indoor lighting, outdoor installation lighting, station and field lighting, underground lighting, road lighting, guard lighting, barrier lighting, etc.

What is LED flood lights?

LED lamp is a piece of electroluminescent semiconductor material chip, cured with silver glue or white glue to the bracket, and then connected to the chip and circuit board with silver or gold wire, surrounded by epoxy resin seal, to protect the role of the internal core, and finally installed in the housing, so the LED lamp is good shock resistance.

LED flood lights advantages 

1. Energy efficiency

Compared to traditional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lighting, LEDs use approximately 40-70% less electricity, resulting in significant energy cost savings. If in a long time lighting applications, the savings are even more significant.

In addition, LEDs can emit light in a semicircle or in a specific direction, while conventional bulbs emit light in a full circle or in all directions. the ability of LEDs to emit light in a directional manner reduces the waste of light and energy, resulting in further cost savings.explosion proof led lights company -Hommiiee

2. Super long life span

Unlike incandescent lighting, LEDs do not "burn out" and get dimmer over time. Good LEDs on L70 are rated to last 100,000 hours, or at least 70% of the initial light output, depending on the lamp and fixture, of course. Since LED systems can reduce the cost of replacing bulbs, thus reducing overall maintenance costs.

3. Durability

The durability of the LED system helps to further reduce maintenance costs. Without filaments or glass housings, LED luminaires are resistant to breakage and can withstand vibration and other impacts to a large extent, which means they are perfectly suited to industrial environments.

While conventional lighting usually has glass or quartz on the outside, LEDs are mounted on circuit boards and connected to lead solder (although lead solder is also afraid of direct collisions, but to a lesser extent than smartphones).

4. Instant-on function

Many fluorescent lamps and high-pressure discharge lamps do not immediately provide full brightness and usually take about three minutes to reach maximum output. In contrast, LED systems can immediately emit 100% brightness without the need to restart. For industrial applications, this is critical during power outages or early morning hours.

5. Fast cycling

The more times a traditional light source is switched on and off, the shorter its life span. If you want to consider including intelligent control in the building, then choose LED lighting.

6. Basis of informatization

The core of LED systems are semiconductor devices that not only emit light, but can do more. LEDs are inherently compatible with advanced new systems that can bring new energy efficiency across the board. With LEDs, facility managers can continuously monitor performance to ensure cost savings and can use lighting in conjunction with other systems, including energy storage, solar and gas fire technology.

7. Virtually no infrared or ultraviolet radiation

In practice, less than 10% of the power used by incandescent lamps is converted to visible light, and most of the power is converted to infrared (IR) or radiant heat. Excessive heat and ultraviolet radiation (UV) can cause harm to people and materials, and can be dangerous if in industrial environments that may contain hazardous chemicals, precision machinery, etc.

LED systems, on the other hand, emit little to no infrared or UV light. the rapid development of LED lighting technology has reduced costs and improved the reliability of LEDs.

The main advantages of LED for industrial lighting

1. Lower energy costs

LEDs consume less energy than, for example, HID and fluorescent lamps. Most industrial facilities have large spaces and high ceilings, and previous technologies required high wattage to meet the high lumen output required. But today, high-efficiency LED solutions can provide the required light output with less than half the energy of traditional lighting. 2.

2. Reduce maintenance costs

LEDs can now provide four times more life than conventional lighting, and lumen maintenance rates have been improved. This allows the maintenance costs associated with replacing lamps to be reduced, creating a safer, brighter environment.

3. Controllable lighting

Unlike HID and other technologies, LEDs are inherently compatible with controls to achieve greater energy savings through daylight regulation controls, etc.

The choice of industrial lighting LED lamps and lanterns

1. In high temperature places, it is appropriate to use good heat dissipation performance, high temperature LED energy-saving lamps;

2. In places with dust, should be the corresponding level of protection against dust to choose the appropriate LED energy-saving lamps;

3. In wet places, should use the corresponding protection level of waterproof lamps or open LED energy-saving lamps with waterproof head;

4. In places equipped with forging hammers, large bridge cranes and other vibrating lamps should be anti-vibration and anti-dislodging measures;

5. In places with corrosive gases or steam, it is appropriate to use anti-corrosion sealed LED energy-saving lamps. If the use of open LED energy-saving lamps and lanterns, each part should be anti-corrosion or waterproof measures;

LED light source and lamps with low voltage power supply, small size, light weight, lamps and lanterns can be fully enclosed installation and other characteristics, therefore, can be widely used in the above-mentioned places.

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