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Learn LED lights' characteristics and design requirements

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Features of explosion proof led lights

1. Good energy saving, LED light source emits more light than traditional light source at the same time and consumes the same amount of electricity. The luminous efficiency of incandescent lamps is 10-20 lm/w, the luminous efficiency of fluorescent lamps is 50-70 lm/w, and the luminous efficiency of LED lamps is 120-250 lm/W. The U.S. Department of Energy has published comparative experiments between LED lamps and incandescent lamps. LED light sources consume about 1/10 of the energy of incandescent lamps and 1/3 of energy-saving lamps, and the same light effect can be achieved.

2. The low-voltage energy consumption of LED lighting tubes is very low. The power consumption of a single light-emitting LED tube is extremely low, but the light-emitting conversion rate is extremely high. It exceeds the traditional light source by 60% to 80%.

LED lighting is small in size but has a high safety factor and has strong positive pressure and sealing, as well as lower voltage, current and heat.

3. Has a long service life. The light source of the LED light source is relatively solid, and the solid light source is usually encapsulated with epoxy resin. Compared with traditional light sources, the filament is not easy to burn out, heat, and not easy to deposit. The light rate is also relatively low. The safe service life is 30 times that of ordinary light sources, up to 30,000 to 50,000 hours.

4. Environmentally friendly and green, it is an environmentally friendly green light source LED light source produces little pollution to the environment, and does not contain mercury, sodium and other metal harmful substances and ultraviolet and infrared rays.

Explosion proof led flood light power supply design requirements

The reason why LED explosion-proof lighting can work for a long time also depends on the continuous and stable operation of its supporting power supply. The quality of the power supply is the bottleneck of the development of LED lighting technology. Therefore, the optimal design of the power supply is indispensable.

1. The power supply must have the characteristics of high reliability, high power efficiency and high power factor. Since explosion-proof lamps are mostly used in petrochemical enterprises and lighting facilities are mostly installed at high places, it is not easy to maintain, and the reliability can ensure that the lighting lamps can be used for a long time. Generally, the power efficiency of LED explosion-proof lighting fixtures should reach more than 90%. Since the power efficiency is inversely proportional to the power loss, the power loss will naturally become smaller if the power efficiency is high. decline assists.LED lights -Hommiiee

2. The power supply must have additional protection measures such as open circuit protection, short circuit protection, and surge protection. When the system fails, the power supply can be automatically cut off to protect the components from damage. In addition, the power supply is required to have the characteristics of wide-range voltage input and constant power output. Due to the large fluctuation of the input voltage in petrochemical enterprises, the power supply of lamps and lanterns must have the characteristics of a wide input range of 100 V to 300 V to work normally. Surge protection is to prevent the LED power supply from being damaged by the frequent startup of the grid load and the induction of lightning strikes.

3. The power supply must have electromagnetic compatibility requirements. The driving power supply of LED is an electronic driving power supply. In order to ensure that it does not affect other circuit systems during operation, it is required that the driving power supply must meet the performance characteristics of electromagnetic compatibility required by the state.

Design requirements for cable entry devices for explosion proof led strip lighting

The device connection of the LED explosion-proof lighting device can be introduced through direct and indirect lead-in methods. Both lead-in methods should rotate the threaded structure of the lead-in device when the cable is compressed, so that the electrical connection part will not be damaged, so as to meet the standard requirements of explosion-proof. For the selection and design of the introduction device, there are the following considerations:

1. Use stainless steel or copper alloy to design the introduction device into a structure that cannot be removed by non-professional tools, so that it is fastened in place. In order to reduce the damage to the cable, the rounded corners should not be larger than 0.5 mm, and sharp edges and corners or burrs should not appear at the inlet of the lighting fixture.

2. When installing, pay attention to the compression elements and equipment of the introduction device, and the number of threads at the inlet and the number of threads. Usually, the number of threads should not be less than 5 threads. The material of the sealing ring should be vulcanized rubber with a hardness between 45°C and 55°C, the elastic sealing ring in the condensation device, and one hole corresponds to the sealing of one cable. The size of the metal ring and the sealing ring should be compatible with the outer diameter of the cable, and the difference should not be greater than one millimeter. After pressing the elastic sealing ring, under normal circumstances, the cable should be evenly squeezed along the circumference.

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