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Lead Acid Series


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AGM Lead Acid Battery series is specially designed for frequent cyclic performance. By using the highest purity raw material and special additives, the AGM Lead Acid Battery series battery improves 7% charge acceptance than ordinary ones, and provides more consistent performance with longer service life.

It excels in low current power discharge condition; widely provides energy for Light electric power supply, PV, wind energy and so on.


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ModelNominal VoltageCapacity C10WeightDimension

Total HeightHeightLengthWidth

AGM Lead Acid Battery 200-6620030.6275275243187
LCPA 12701272.8999315266
LCPA 12120121241029615299
LCPA 1217012176.316516518176
LCPA 24-1212247.2126126165175
LCPA 33-12123311180171180130
LCPA 38-12123812.4180170196165
LCPA 50-12125015.5229208227138
LCPA 65-12126520.9174174350166
LCPA 70-12127021.2227208259169
LCPA 80-12128024217214331174
LCPA 90-12129029.3217214331174
LCPA 100-121210032.3238209407174
LCPA 120-121212038241241483170
LCPA 150-121215048241214530209
LCPA 200-121220057245219522240
LCPA 250-121225072245219522268
LCPA 100-221007.2227205172102
LCPA 150-221509350320172102
LCPA 200-2220013365329171111
LCPA 300-2230018365330171151
LCPA 400-2240025367329211176
LCPA 500-2250028365331241172
LCPA 600-2260035366331301175
LCPA 800-2280048365333410175
LCPA 1000-22100062365329470175
LCPA 1500-22150096383343401351
LCPA 2000-222000123383343491351
LCPA 3000-223000180382341712353


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• Photovoltaic Energy

• Wind Energy



• Light Elec Power tric Supply

• Small Power Station

• Solar Street Light

Lead Acid Series project-Hommiiee


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