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Key points of industrial lighting design

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Design scope and types of industrial lighting

The factory is a place for producing established products, which is generally composed of workshop, office and other auxiliary rooms, various outdoor devices, stations, yards, roads, etc.

The lighting design scope of the factory includes indoor lighting, outdoor device lighting, station and yard lighting, underground lighting, road lighting, guard lighting, obstacle lighting, etc.

(1) Indoor lighting: internal lighting of plant and office and other auxiliary rooms.

(2) Outdoor device lighting: lighting for various outdoor devices. For example, the lighting of the open-air operation yard of shipbuilding industry, the kettle, tank and reaction tower of petrochemical enterprises, the rotary kiln and belt corridor of building materials enterprises, the blast furnace body, ladder and platform of metallurgical enterprises, the gas cabinet of power station, the outdoor power transformation and distribution device of general step-down substation, the cooling frame (tower) of outdoor water pump station and outdoor ventilation and dust removal equipment.

(3) Station lighting: lighting for stations, railway marshalling stations, parking lots, open storage yards, etc.industrial flood lights outdoor price - HOMMIIEE

(4) Underground lighting: lighting in basement, cable tunnel, comprehensive pipe gallery and tunnel.

(5) Road lighting: lighting of factory roads and other roads.

(6) Guard lighting: lighting set along the guard area around the plant area and key places.

(7) Obstacle lighting: there are extra high buildings and structures in the plant area, such as chimney, which need to be installed according to the regional aviation conditions and relevant regulations.

This chapter focuses on the internal lighting of the plant. For other lighting, please refer to the relevant chapters of the lighting design manual.

Characteristics and classification of industrial plants

Characteristics of industrial plant

Industrial plants can be divided into single-storey industrial buildings and multi-storey industrial buildings according to their architectural structure. The vast majority of plants in multi-storey industrial buildings are found in light industry, electronics, instrumentation, communication, medicine and other industries. The floors of such plants are generally not very high. Their lighting design is similar to that of common scientific research and experimental buildings, and most of them adopt fluorescent lighting schemes. Production plants in machining, metallurgy, textile and other industries are generally single-layer industrial buildings, and according to the needs of production, more are multi span single-layer industrial plants, that is, multi span plants arranged in parallel, and each span can be the same or different as required.

On the basis of meeting the requirements of certain building modulus, the building width (span) and length of single-storey plant shall be determined according to the process needs

And height. Span B of powerhouse: generally 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 36m. The length of the plant L: at least tens of meters, more than hundreds of meters. Height h of the plant: generally 5 ~ 6m for the low, 30 ~ 40m for the high, or even higher. The span and height of the plant are the main factors considered in the lighting design of the plant. In addition, according to the continuity of industrial production and the needs of product transportation between sections, most industrial plants are equipped with cranes, with light lifting capacity of 3 ~ 5T and large lifting capacity of hundreds of tons (at present, the maximum lifting capacity of a single crane in the machinery industry can reach 800t). Therefore, factory lighting is usually realized by lamps installed on roof truss.

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