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Introduction of Industrial lighting

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Introduction of industrial lighting

The lighting system shall not interfere with the production process or affect the flow of clean air in the area. The system must be easy to maintain. Large area dust-free rooms are mainly established in semiconductor industry, electronic industry, computer industry, aviation industry and other fields. Biological dust-free rooms will also be used in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

Lighting scheme of industrial lighting

The consequences of errors in a clean room are extremely serious, so a higher lighting level is required. If there are no special requirements for the spectrum, neutral white light with high color rendering should be used. There should be the same requirements for local lighting, and glare should be better avoided.

The lighting system for a given dust level mainly depends on the requirements of air security flood lights manufacturers - HOMMIIEE

The high color rendering of fluorescent lamps can be well suitable for this application. In the wide color temperature range of the light source, the required color temperature can be easily selected.

Lamps for strictly required dust-free rooms: thin wire cables

In order to maintain the required environment, the air flow must be strictly controlled in the dust-free room under strict requirements. Therefore, any change of air flow should be avoided. Large areas of hidden lamps or surface cloth lamps should be avoided. The lamps must be as thin as possible, and the width shall be less than the distance between the suspended supports.

In this kind of lighting, the Jurassic teardrop lamp series with polycarbonate diffusion screen is used.

A more direct and economical method in the design of dust-free room is to select Jurassic simple 1 * 36W strip lamps with only thin wire cable frame. Although standard fluorescent lamps can be used as a glare source, this can be controlled by adding a reflector: zll in the lamp. These can improve the lighting efficiency by about 15%.

Lamps in dust-free room with medium dust degree: concealed lamps

The lamp can be used in a medium dust-free room or a higher dust-free room. Whether closed lamps or open lamps are installed, it shall be ensured that the air passes through the filter rather than the lamps.

In order to avoid hindering the operating system, it is also extremely important to design concisely. Attention should be paid to the careful use of correct lamps to avoid glare and ensure good lighting effect.

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