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Intelligent street lamp control system solution

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Advantages of lowes portable work light

The current urban street lamps are mainly illuminated by high-pressure sodium lamps, which have some problems such as lowsolar smart light for sale - Hommiiee light efficiency, short life and environmental pollution caused by recycling. At the same time, the information level of street lamp management is low, and the management mode is relatively backward. Therefore, it is urgent to replace more efficient and energy-saving LED lamp lighting mode and management and control system based on LED street lamp. Intelligent street lamp can realize single lamp control, fine management and high efficiency and energy saving through information means and lighting technology.

City night public lighting is playing a more and more important role in people's life and economy. On the one hand, it ensures the safety of vehicles and pedestrians at night, on the other hand, it undertakes the task of beautifying the image of the whole city. Urban public lighting has always been the "main battlefield" of energy conservation campaign. The contract energy management mode which pays the cost of energy saving transformation by reducing the cost of energy consumption is more and more supported and favored by local governments. At present, many regions in The country are carrying out CONTRACT energy management mode for LED energy-saving transformation. For example, in Guangdong Province, the EMC transformation of nearly 6,000 street lamps in Foshan Chancheng LED Street Lamp Transformation Project will adopt contract energy management (EMC) mode. Zhuhai plans to complete the renovation of 90,000 LED street lamps within two years, using contract energy management (EMC) mode; Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission is working out the implementation plan of LED street lamp contract energy management transformation with the municipal urban management department, striving to complete the transformation of LED street lamp in the city by means of contract energy management mode within 3 years. To achieve the target of reducing energy consumption per building area of public institutions by 20% during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period. In the practice process of these EMC modes, it brings obvious benefits and prospects for urban public lighting energy saving.

Construction objectives of lowes portable work light project:

Transform the distribution cabinet of street lamp, realize the grouping intelligent management of street lamp. The wireless centralized control terminal is installed in the street lamp distribution cabinet to realize the telemetry, remote control and remote communication of any group of street lamps.

Add node controller based on LED lamp to realize intelligent management of single lamp. Batch installation of single lamp control terminal, to achieve telemetry, remote control, remote communication, remote viewing and other fine management and control of a single street lamp.

Deploy the intelligent street lamp management platform to realize the information management of street lamps. The intelligent street lamp management platform is deployed to manage street lamps through the platform, collect and locate street lamp fault information through the information platform, collect and analyze the operation data of all kinds of equipment related to street lamps, and provide decision support for relevant street lamp management departments, so as to carry out real-time and efficient regulation of street lamps. Formulate relevant energy saving strategies to achieve efficient secondary energy saving of LED street lamps. By setting different timing on and off lights and dimming strategies for different stages, real on-demand lighting is realized, which minimizes power waste and achieves a secondary energy saving effect of 30%-40%.

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