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Installing solar street lights

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In the process of installing solar street lights, first choose sunny weather, mainly because of rainy weather and insufficient light. In the initial installation process, the ideal charging effect cannot be achieved, so it will seriously affect the battery’s storage capacity, which will The service life of the entire solar energy system will have a serious impact, so solar street light manufacturers will remind users how to install and use it. It can be seen that the after-sales service of professional manufacturers is very thoughtful.street solar led lights for sale- HOMMIIEE

 With the continuous progress of the times, many benefits can be shown in many fields, and very good changes can also be shown. From the perspective of the public’s life, it can show a good performance improvement. Among them, the development of science and technology is also particularly important, which can bring very good effects and benefits to the production of street lights, and the application of solar street lights is also extremely wide.

 Street lamp pole height: 15 meters light source basic power: 150 watts standard street lamp specifications: 15 meters 150 watts light source type: LED pole style name: round pole standard pole wall thickness: 3.6mm-3.8mm rainy day time: 8 hours Light pole diameter upper mouth: 70 to 80 Light pole diameter lower mouth: 140 to 150 Smart control: Yes Protection level: IP65 Street lamp lamp holder price: 320 yuan to 440 yuan Price range of light poles: 2600 yuan to 3200 yuan Installation spacing recommendations: Installation application scenarios of about 50 meters: Urban highways, squares LED light source advantages: high luminous power, good color rendering installation volume upcontent copyshare

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