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Industrial lighting industry market research

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2020-2024 in-depth market research and investment strategy recommendations for the industrial lighting industry

Industrial lighting market scale is growing rapidly, corporate profitability continues to decline.

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The lighting products involved in industrial lighting mainly include indoor lighting, outdoor installation lighting, station lighting, underground lighting, road lighting, guard lighting, obstacle lighting, etc. 

Since industrial plants need to fully consider their own production conditions when choosing lighting products, they have different requirements for lighting products' brightness, adaptability, safety, shock resistance, dust resistance, corrosion resistance, explosion resistance, etc., so the industry There are various types of lighting products, and their performance is superior toordinary lighting products.

According to the "In-Depth Market Research and Investment Strategy Recommendation Report on Industrial Lighting Industry for 2020-2024" released by the New Thinking Industry Research Center, the continuous expansion of my country's industrial scale and increasing plant construction have led to the continuous growth of market demand for industrial lighting. 

At the same time, my country's enterprises continue to pay more attention to the safety production of factories, and the market's requirements for the performance and quality of industrial lighting are also constantly improving, which together promote the continuous expansion of my country's industrial lighting market. In 2019, the scale of my country's industrial lighting market was approximately 369.98 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.3%. my country is a global industrial power, and it is also the main demand market for global industrial lighting.

Traditional lighting is dominated by incandescent lamps. LED lamps have the advantages of energy saving and long life. Under the background of energy saving and emission reduction, LED lamps in the global market are gradually replacing incandescent lamps to become the dominant market.

The Chinese government vigorously promotes the development of the LED lamp industry, LED lamp production technology continues to advance, production costs continue to decline, and market penetration is rapidly increasing. Industrial lighting power consumption accounts for a relatively high proportion of my country's lighting power consumption, close to 30%. There is a huge market for LED lighting in the industrial field to replace traditional lighting.

Benefiting from the rapid growth of market demand, the number of enterprises entering the field of industrial lighting in my country has been increasing. Representative enterprises mainly include Op Lighting, Zhejiang Sunshine Lighting, Rieter IOT Technology, Hengdian Group Debang Lighting, Guangdong Sanxiong Aurora Lighting, and Foshan Electric Lighting, Zhejiang Kaiyao Lighting, etc. my country's industrial lighting industry has gradually matured in technology and technology, continuously improved automated production levels, increasingly complete product categories, and superimposed cost-effective advantages. my country has become one of the main suppliers of global industrial lighting.

However, there are still bottlenecks in the development of my country's industrial lighting industry. Before 2016, the profitability of my country's industrial lighting enterprises above designated size continued to grow. Since 2017, due to the continuous increase in the number of enterprises entering, the price of my country's industrial lighting products has continued to fall, the superimposed production and operation costs have continued to rise, and the profitability of enterprises above designated size has continued to decline. In this context, bad money drives out good money, which is not conducive to the development of my country's industrial lighting industry. In the future, optimizing and upgrading the industry structure is the focus of the development of my country's industrial lighting industry.

Industry analysts in New Thinking said that industrial lighting occupies an important position in the lighting market. my country is a major industrial country and the demand for industrial lighting is huge, which is good for the development of my country's industrial lighting industry. 

However, due tothe large number of companies, in order to compete for market share, my country's industrial lighting companies are presenting a trend of vicious price competition, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry and needs to be improved in the future. 

The Chinese government has banned the import and sale of general lighting incandescent lamps of 15 watts and above. LED lamps have become the dominant lighting market in my country. Therefore, most of the industrial lighting companies in my country have transformed to the LED field, and companies that do not have the ability to transform are gradually eliminated.

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