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Indoor flood lights were applicated in lighting engineering

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Floodlighting is a lighting method that is widely used in building lighting projects. It is a lighting that makes the outdoor target or site brighter than the surrounding environment. Its main function is to highlight statues, signs or make buildings more distinctive in the night.led outside flood lights suppliers - HOMMIIEE

1. Features of floodlight products:

The lamp shell has a compact and practical structure. The shell is made of high-quality alloy aluminum ingots, which are formed by one-time die-casting, and the design of heat dissipation energy is reasonable and unique. The surface is sprayed with polyester, appearance design, anti-corrosion, etc. The reflector is made of magnesium-aluminum stretch forming, and the surface is frosted and oxidized to make it have a better reflective effect. The lamp uses high-strength tempered flat glass, which has good impact resistance. , High light transmittance, good internal heat drastic change. Guangyuan adopts its own SMD LED. 120 degree wide angle, high brightness, low heat, environmental protection and energy saving, sturdy and durable. The service life is more than 50,000 hours, high efficiency and energy saving, and the effective light is 70lm-100lm/w, which is 90% energy-saving than incandescent lamps and 70% energy-saving than gas lamps. Green and environmentally friendly, pollution-free, cold light source design, no heat radiation, no heavy metals such as lead, mercury, etc., to achieve green environmental protection and energy-saving lighting. 

2. How to make floodlighting compatible with the surrounding environment:

       First, it is necessary to consider the combination of the building materials and the light source of the lamps. The illuminance of the floodlighting of the building is generally between 15 and 450lx, and the size depends on the surrounding lighting conditions and the reflectivity of the building materials;

       Second, consider the combination of the shape of the building and the color of the light source. Color lighting can be selected according to the shape of the building, which creates obvious color contrast between the front and side of the building, adding a festive atmosphere;

       Third, the floodlighting of buildings is combined with neon lighting. For buildings, floodlighting alone is not enough. Neon lighting can also be used. In the lighting design of a building, the group buildings can be decorated with neon lights, and the main building can be floodlighted. Neon lights can be selected according to the shape of the building. Form a main lighting effect. Special buildings can be equipped with special lighting effects to make the building and the environment complement each other.

  How to choose the installation position of floodlights on buildings? In the decorative lighting of buildings, use as much light as possible to fully embody the architectural art under the condition of less or no uncomfortable glare. When designing flood lighting for buildings, light sources and lamps should be selected according to the material, smoothness and shape of the building surface. The position of the lamps should be installed behind the shop signs or decorations as much as possible, so that the lamps can avoid people's sight, but the overall lighting effect must be considered, and no shadows should be caused. When the line of sight cannot be avoided, try to make the lamps and lanterns not destroy the overall effect of the building as much as possible.

       With the economic development of our country, more high-rise buildings will be built one after another, and flood lighting will be accepted and appreciated by more people. At present, this kind of lighting basically replaces the past festival colored lights (also called string lights, using colored lights with waterproof glass covers). Floodlighting is an important method that saves electricity and can better reflect the three-dimensional sense of the building and the image of the building. In modern major applications, many lighting projects, such as the bell tower and Big Wild Goose Pagoda we are familiar with, all use flood lighting for night lighting. For the New Year, in order to add a festive atmosphere, two other street lamps on the street are decorated with lantern-shaped lanterns, and the trees are decorated with tree lights to create a New Year atmosphere. Such examples can be seen everywhere and have been integrated into all aspects of our lives.

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