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How to Install Solar Street Light System Ⅰ

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1.Foundation pouring

    Survey the geology, establish the installation position of the street lamp, confirm that there is no shading place on the top of the street lamp, and determine the distance between the street lamp and the street lamp.

    Excavate the street lamp foundation pit, and build a battery well in the dug foundation pit to bury the battery box. Pour the embedded parts of the street lamp foundation, keep the embedded parts, the foundation and the original ground at the same level, and clean the impurities on the bolts to fix the street lamp.

    After the concrete is completely solidified, install the solar street light.

Solar Street Light System (2)

2.Solar panel installation

    Put the solar panel on the panel support and tighten it with screws to make it firm and reliable. Connect the output wire of the solar panel, pay attention to the correct positive and negative poles of the solar panel, and fasten the output wire of the solar panel with a cable tie.

3.Lamp installation

    Fix the lamp cap to the pole arm, and pass the lamp wire out of the lamp arm, and lead it to the control box together with the battery board wire.

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