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How to Install Solar Street Light System Ⅱ

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4.Lift the light pole

    Before lifting the lamp pole, check the fixation of all parts, and check whether there is deviation between the lamp holder and the battery board. After confirming that it is correct, put the sling on the appropriate position of the light pole and slowly lift the lamp. When the light pole is hoisted directly above the foundation, adjust the direction of the lamp head, align the hole on the flange with the anchor bolt, and slowly lower the light pole. Fix the flange and embedded parts, check whether the angle of the light pole is inclined, and remove the lifting rope.

Solar Street Light System

5.Battery installation

    Put the battery into the battery box and thread the battery to the control box. Connect the controller according to the technical requirements: first connect the battery, then the load, and then the solar panel; during the wiring operation, you must pay attention to the wiring of each line and the terminal marked on the controller. The positive and negative polarities cannot collide. Reverse; otherwise the controller will be damaged.

Solar Street Light System (2)


    Check whether the system is working properly; loosen the solar panel connection line on the controller, the light is on; connect the solar panel connection line, and the light is off; at the same time, carefully observe the changes of the indicators on the controller; everything is normal before sealing the control box .

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