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How to choose a PV portable power stations

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 A.Lead-acid battery portable power stations or lithium battery portable power stations?

    Currently, portable power stations in China can be divided into two categories according to batteries:

Lead-acid battery portable power stations

Lithium battery portable power stations

Lithium battery portable power stations is a new product in recent years, with more than 1000 cycles of charge and discharge. Lithium batteries have no memory effect, longer life, AC output function and higher price. They are currently popular in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States.

    You can decide which portable power stations to purchase in accordance with the specific customers in your market.

B.What voltage and jack do you need?

    Each country may follow different standards on voltage and jack. Because lithium battery portable power stations are equipped with AC output port, it is necessary to make sure with the supplier that the voltage and jack standards of your local area are met when purchasing portable power stations. For example, 110V voltage is applied in the United States, and the jack is of American specification; The Japanese market is suitable for 100V voltage, and Japanese specification jack; The applicable voltage in the Australian market is 230V, and the jack of Australian specification. 

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