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How do solar street lights control time?

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The solar street light illuminatesthe road for pedestrians. It can perceive the arrival of darkness and turn it off, and it can also perceive the dawn and turn off at the beginning of the day. This is all because of the time controlled by the central controller. The following is an introduction to the principle:

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When solar street lights leave the factory,the working hoursare generally set according to customer requirements. The start and close times of solar street lights are determined by the street light controller.

Most of the manipulators are installed inside the lamp door, and the lithium battery storage and control integrated machine produced by our company is mostly installed at the bottom of the solar panel. The controller adjustment is divided into manual adjustment and remote control adjustment. 

The external adjustment buttons can be manually adjusted. However, most of the remote control adjustments on the market are currently on the market. Such controllers must be equipped with a remote control if they want to adjust the working time.

How to adjust the solar street light depends on the type of controller used?

1. The charging circuit uses dual MOS series control loops, which reduces the voltage loss of the circuit by nearly half compared to the use of diodes. The use of PWM energy-saving control increases the power consumption.

2. The load mode uses pure light control. The light sensor system will automatically turn on the light when the light is dark. The microprocessor and special control algorithm are used to complete the intelligent control at the time of light on.

3. Scientific battery management method. When over-discharge occurs, the battery voltage promotes charging. After maintenance and compensation, it is used normally. Direct charging and floating charging are used to connect the rechargeable battery. Together with high-precision temperature compensation, the charge can be controlled more accurately.

4. All the constraints of industrial-grade chips and enclosed components operate normally in cold, high temperature, humid and other environments. Together with the use of crystals to control all the time to make the control all the time more accurate.

The above is the introduction to the timing of solar street lights.

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