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HOMMIIEE Wind Hybrid LED Street Lights

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HOMMIIEE Wind Hybrid LED Street Lights

    Our new wind-solar street lamp is based on the original all-in-one solar smart street lamps. There are some areas maybe do not have sufficient solar energy or the temperature is very low in some seasons. The battery will not get enough power from solar energy in this case. 

    Now we add a wind turbine for the system, the battery can be charged 24 hours even on rainy days and night time. In this way, the lamps will get enough power from the battery during night time.

30W-80W models

Support Bluetooth APP control function

Road indicator is optional

3 years warranty

Project Cases

    This solar-wind light is very good choices for the below areas:

Areas in High latitudes

Areas with very suficient winds power

Areas with lots of rainy days but with many winds

Areas that lack of sunshine, low temperature but with abundant winds power.

Zone One, Guoji Industry Park,
Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province


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