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HOMMIIEE energy storage project in a region of Turkey

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In 2017, HOMMIIEE successfully completed a 100kW photovoltaic energy storage project in a region of Turkey.

The project is mainly to build a micro grid energy storage system for a local building, which is mainly composed of 120kwh gel battery, 100kW energy storage inverter and other equipment. It shows the advanced concept and connotation of smart grid and smart power consumption. The overall power supply of the building is controlled by the micro grid system, including the micro CCHP system, large capacity energy storage system, energy management and distribution automation system. It can realize the optimal distribution and economic operation of various power supply modes and achieve the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection. The system realizes seamless switching between grid connected and off grid operation, and the overall switching time is less than 10ms, which ensures the safety and reliability of power consumption of the system.

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