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HM400 DC Solar Home Kits

Input:Solar Panel/Wall Socket
Solar Panel: 13-22V (180W in Max.)
Output: 5V USB,DC 12V
AC Adapter: 15V 6A
Power Supply:100Wh LiFePO4 Battery


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HOMMIIEE DC solar home kits is an all-in-one designed independent solar energy battery backup system, configuring with DC12V and USB5V output terminals, mainly used to supply power for consumer low power consumption products, such as TV, flashing light, outdoor emergency lighting, home lighting, DC fans, radio, portable refrigerator, laptop, mobile phone charging etc.


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Solar Panel               mono crystalline
Bulb 2pcs LED
High Voltage Protection >14.4V
Low Voltage Protection <8V
Battery Cycle-life  ≥4000 cycles to 80%
Battery Shelf-life Charge every 3-6 Months
Charge Method Solar, AC outlet
Working Temperature -20℃~+45℃
Management SystemOver charging protection
Discharging protection
Over Current protection
 Short circuit protection
Weight  3.0kg/5.0kg
Optional Accessory
Charger2A/6 A
Charger Line For mobile
DC fan12V


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  • LFP battery: long service life with more than 10 years.

  • Multifunctional use: DC12V output and USB5V output.

  • Easy to carry: light weight and small size.

  • Intelligent battery management system and fault display.

Front View Of HM100

In front, we can see:

1. Power Indicator

2. SOLAR/LOAD indicator

3. 2pcs LED light ports

4. 2pcs USB ports


6. OEM for Model and Logo is accepted

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     Back View Of HM100


      Here can see:

      1.  DC switch

      2.  DC outport*1set

      3.  Charger (solar/wall socket )

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Safety by BMS Design

Accept any panel from small to large power.

High and low temperature resistence : -20℃~+45℃ 

-45℃ ~+55℃ is accepted as special offer)

Self-Protection of large power device misuse)

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High quality LiFePO4 battery

High energy storage cells are adopted for less 

connection in parallel-one of the key fact that

Licloud requires less aftersale service.


>4000times cycle ensures 10+ years service.


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HM100 HM400 HM150 HM300 HM1100 HM1300
LAPTOP 2 hrs 7 hrs 7 hrs 13 hrs 18 hrs 22 hrs
CAMERA 5 hrs 18 hrs 18 hrs 34 hrs 48 hrs 57 hrs
CAMERA 2 hrs 7 hrs 7 hrs 13 hrs 18 hrs 21 hrs
IPHONE 7 hrs 26 hrs 26 hrs 51 hrs 72 hrs 85 hrs
IPAD 2 hrs 8 hrs 8 hrs 15 hrs 21 hrs 25 hrs
PSP 4 hrs 15 hrs 15 hrs 28 hrs 40 hrs 47 hrs
 LED FLOOD LIGHT 8 hrs 31 hrs 31 hrs 60 hrs 84 hrs 99 hrs
SPEAKER 7 hrs 28 hrs 28 hrs 53 hrs 75 hrs 88 hrs
LED BULB(3W) 84 hrs 15 Days 15 Days 1 Month 1.5 Months 2 Months
TV(30 INCH 60W) Not recommended Not recommended 6 hrs 13 hrs 18 hrs 21 hrs
COOKER(2L,300W) Not recommended Not recommended Not recommended Not recommended Not recommended 4 hrs



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