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HM01 Mini Solar Power Kits

Input:Solar Panel/Wall Socket
Solar Panel: 9-10V
Output: 5V USB,DC 6V
Rated Discharge Current : 3.5A
Power Supply:50Wh LiFePO4 Batter


Hommiiee Solar BT Speaker System is a pure DC output system with multiple functions, such as Bluetooth connection, FM/MP3 player and LED lighting.

It has reliable portable power for multiple recharge of mainstream electronics and small appliances, perfect for hiking, camping, and outdoor photography.


Solar Panel               poly crystalline
Battery Capacity7.4V2200mAh/4400mAh/6600mAh(18650)
Bulb 2pcs LED
Rated Charging Current 1A
Rated Discharge Current 3.5A
System Voltage7.4V
No-load Loss<20mA
Under Voltage6.0V
Over Discharge Voltage5.5V
Over Pressure Protection8.4V
Control MethodCharging; PWM pulse width modulation
Working Temperature-10℃ to 55℃
Battery Shelf-lifeCharge every 3-6 Months
Charge MethodSolar
Management System  Over charging protection
Discharging protection
Over Current protection
Short circuit protection
Optional Accessory
Charger 2A
Charger LineFor mobile
DC fan6V


Ultra-low power standby

When the main switch of the system is turned off,the product enters a low power state.

Charging and discharging

Charging and discharging do not interfere with each other, so that discharging can be performed simultaneously during charging.

Bluetooth FM/MP3

Concealed radio antenna, press-type switch control, simple operation, automatic data-receiving function, adjustable volume, support TF card, U disk to play music; with FM radio function.

Overload protection

When the DC6V output current exceeds 4A, the overload protection starts and the output will automatically turn off.

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FM Radio Function

Adjustable volume, Bluetooth playback, support TF card, U disk to play music; with FM radio function, FM frequency: 87.5-108MHZ; frequency response range: 160HZ-20KHZ.

Solar Charge Function

Built-in batteries can be powered by sun.You can recharge this solar home speaker system anywhere.

The charing port also support AC adapter.

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FM Radio Function

The power switch is turned on, the side flashlight is on when the LED light switch is on the left side, and the front panel LED light is on when the switch is on the right side, and the LED light is off when the switch is in the middle.

Bluetooth Function

Turn on the system main switch, then long press the audio switch. the voice will advise bluetooth is start.

Open your phone, connect with the equipment KX45. Then you can play the phone music or call via this portable solar home speaker.

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