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Hight Mast Light of the Introduction

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Hight mast light of the introduction.Recently, the conflict between raccoon dogs, pets, and people occurred in Songjiang Qiangweijiuli Community, causing concern. Management departments and experts said that more and more evidence shows that this kind of national secondary protected animal already exists widely. Experts suggest that the raccoon dog has a timid personality and does not need to panic too much. It is hoped that citizens will not touch or feed.   

According to data records, as a nocturnal animal, raccoon dogs usually come out of their hiding places at 7 o'clock in the evening in the summer, drinking water and foraging through the night. But in cities, they have shown a preference for city lights at night, which may be because good lighting helps them get more food and other resources. The raccoon dogs in some areas have changed their rhythms and are more and more inclined to be active during the day, allowing them to have greater flexibility in their activity time and food acquisition.high mast street light- HOMMIIEE   

In addition to adapting to the urban environment, the high-pole lights also suffer from the impact of human activities in the city-a large number of human-fed cat food, and the high-pole lights attract many young raccoons to gather and rush. Once they are accustomed to feeding, they will greatly reduce their vigilance towards humans, thereby breaking the inherent "safe distance" between the two, and even causing accidental human raccoon conflicts.   

In the eyes of many people, raccoons are cute animals. Before they became a metropolis, they were the aboriginals here. Now they still have the right to live here. However, as they continue to multiply and spread in cities, high-pole lights will also bring about many problems such as water source safety, disease prevention and control, and traffic safety.   

In my country, urban wildlife management is an area of limited attention. However, with the intensification of urbanization in the future, more and more cities may face their own problems. Scientific research on urban wild animals is just a step. How to find a balance between humans and these animal neighbors will be a long-term topic of urban management.

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