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High mast street light of the installation techniques

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The reason why the high pole lamp is complex, because it involves the lifting of the lamp plate, if the imbalance when the lamp plate rises will lead to hook failure, rising too high and there will be a certain risk, in order to install both in place and smooth, Xuqiang outdoor lighting with years of experience to tell you must do the following two points.   

First, the lamp tray debugging: pay attention to observe some square or highway on both sides of the high lamp is not difficult to find, a lot of lamp tray hook circle and the gap between the lamp pole is not symmetrical, far from the lamp tray is inclined, why is this?  Was the light pole not straightened?  buy high mast street light pole- HOMMIIEE

Many people are confused, in fact is not, I can very sure tell you, that's because lamp plate hook all didn't hang up, just hung up the one or two, there are many factors that can lead to this situation, one of the most is the lamp plate with three elevator wire rope of debugging is not very uniform have high low, rises lamp plate must be inclined,  When the lamp plate goes up diagonally when it touches the hook, the first surface that touches the hook will certainly be able to hang up, but because it is diagonally, the top is hung up and the bottom has not touched the hook, and then it goes up, the bottom can hang up and the top has been unhooked, so no matter how whole there is always one or two hooks can not be hung up.  

Two, limit problem: the lifting system of high pole lamp is its own travel switch, the purpose is to rise to a certain position can automatically stop, this function can avoid the danger of wire rope pulling broken due to the lamp disc rising too high to the pulley platform.  But light pole manufacturers often will not travel switch into them, not because of trouble, but after the installation of travel switch will cause a lot of trouble, such as the switch out of order, leading to the lamp plate also can not go up and down, and finally have to use the crane to solve, this case is common.  If you do not add the travel switch, there is indeed a certain risk, such as night installation, the lamp pole above the hook can not be seen, it is very dangerous to touch the blind to rise, the whole will fall down.  

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