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Electrodeless lamps are suitable for the following places of factory lighting

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Electrodeless lamps are suitable for the following places of factory lighting

1. Places where lamps should be switched on and off frequently and started instantaneously;

2. Places with crane operation and need to avoid glare;

3. Places that need energy saving, power saving and money saving due to long lamp use time and large power consumption;

4. Places requiring strict color identification (such as spectral analysis room, chemical laboratory, etc.).

Incandescent lamps can be used in the following places of factory lighting:commercial grade led flood lights supply - HOMMIIEE

(1) Places with strict requirements for preventing electromagnetic interference.

(2) Places where lights are frequently switched on and off.

(3) Places with low illumination requirements and short lighting time.

(4) Local lighting and places for temporary lighting.

In places requiring strict color identification (such as spectral analysis room, chemical laboratory, etc.), high color rendering trichromatic fluorescent lamps should be used.

5. Lamp selection

The lamps for factory lighting shall be selected according to the environmental conditions and meeting the working and production conditions, and due attention shall be paid to the beautiful appearance, convenient installation and coordination with buildings, so as to achieve technical and economic rationality.

6. Illuminance calculation

The illuminance calculation is usually carried out by using the coefficient method in the lighting design of the plant. When it is necessary to calculate the illuminance value of a point on the horizontal, vertical or inclined plane of some special places or special equipment, the point by point method can be used for calculation.

7. Laying method of factory lighting circuit

The lighting branch line of the plant generally adopts the method of open laying of insulated conductor along (or across) roof truss insulator (or porcelain column). When the roof structure of long-span workshop adopts the grid structure, in addition to the above methods, insulated wires or cables can also be laid along the grid through steel pipes. The lighting lines of explosion and fire hazard plants are generally laid in the open with copper core insulated conductor through water gas steel pipe. Hard plastic pipes can be used for laying in places affected by chemical (acid, alkali, salt fog) corrosive substances. According to specific conditions, trunking or special lighting bus can also be used for hoisting and laying in some places.

Select lamps according to environmental image

When selecting the type of lamps according to the environmental conditions, attention shall be paid to the ambient temperature, humidity, vibration, pollution, dust, corrosion, explosion and fire hazardous media. There are three environmental conditions to select lamps.

Selection of lamps and lanterns for general industrial plants

(1) In normal environment (heating or non heating places), open lamps are generally used.

(2) For places with a large amount of dust but no explosion and fire hazards, lamps suitable for the amount of dust shall be selected.

The amount of dust in dusty environment is measured by the concentration in the air (mg / m3) or sedimentation [mg / (M2 · d)].

For general dusty environment, dust-proof lamps (ipsx level) should be used. For dusty environment or general dusty environment with conductive dust, dust tight (ip6x) lamps should be used. IP65 lamps shall be used for conductive fiber (such as carbon fiber) environment. For lamps that often need to be washed with water, lamps not lower than IP65 shall be selected.

Dust free room is an area within the factory where environmental conditions need to be strictly controlled. The main function of lighting is to make the work activities clear and visible, thus forming safe, comfortable and effective working conditions.

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