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Classification of industrial plants

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Industrial plants can be roughly divided into the following three types

(1) General production plant: plant produced under normal environment.

(2) Explosion and fire hazard production plant: the plant where explosion and fire hazards are normally produced or stored.

(3) Production plants in harsh environment: production plants with dust, humidity, high temperature or steam, vibration, smoke, acid-base corrosive gases or substances and radioactive substances.

According to the above classification, the factory lighting design shall be carried out in strict accordance with different production conditions.

General requirements for factory lighting design

Factory lighting shall be designed according to the following general principles

1. Selection of lighting mode

(1) For places with high illuminance requirements and low working position density, where it is unreasonable to use general lighting alone, mixed lighting should be used.industrial outdoor solar lights company - HOMMIIEE

(2) If the illumination requirement for the operation is not high, or it is not suitable to install local lighting due to the limitation of production technical conditions, or the use of mixed lighting is unreasonable, it is advisable to use general lighting alone.

(3) When the illuminance of a certain working area needs to be higher than that of general lighting, zoning general lighting can be adopted.

(4) When the general lighting in the zone cannot meet the illumination requirements, local lighting shall be added.

(5) Only local lighting shall not be installed in the working area.

2. Illuminance standard

The illuminance value of factory lighting design shall be selected according to the provisions of national standard GB 50034-2004 standard for lighting design of buildings. The standard specifies the illuminance value of general lighting of 16 categories of industrial buildings. The illumination standards of more specific workplaces in various factories shall also be in accordance with the provisions of relevant industries.

3. Lighting quality

Lighting quality is a sign to measure the quality of factory lighting design. It mainly includes the following contents:

(1) Lamps with high efficiency and appropriate light distribution curve shall be selected. According to the hanging height of lamps on the plant frame, lamps with different light distribution shall be selected according to the value of chamber index ruler.

When RI = 0.5 ~ 0.8, narrow light distribution lamps should be selected;

When RI = 0.8 ~ 1.65, medium light distribution lamps should be selected;

When RI = 1.65 ~ 5, wide light distribution lamps should be selected.

(2) The lighting source with appropriate color temperature and color rendering index meeting the production requirements shall be selected.

(3) Achieve the specified illumination uniformity: the illumination uniformity of general lighting in the operation area shall not be less than 0.7, and the illumination uniformity near the operation area shall not be less than 0.5.

(4) Meet the quality requirements of lighting direct glare limit: the unified glare value (UGR) shall be in accordance with the provisions of GB 50034-2004. That is, the general allowable value is 22 and the fine machining value is 19.

(5) Take measures to reduce the impact of voltage fluctuation and voltage flicker on lighting and prevent stroboscopic effect.

(6) The lighting device shall work under the allowable working voltage. In places where metal halide lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps are used, compensation capacitors shall be used to improve its power factor.

4. Selection of industrial lighting source

The light source shall be selected according to the characteristics and requirements of the production process. The lighting source should be electrodeless lamp (please refer to this entry for the auspicious situation of electrodeless lamp), three primary color thin tube straight tube fluorescent lamp, metal halide lamp or high-pressure sodium lamp. When the height of the light source point from the ground is 4m or less, electrodeless lamp and thin tube fluorescent lamp should be selected; Electrodeless lamps and metal halide lamps can be used in plants with high height (more than 6m), and high-pressure sodium lamps can be used if there are no color rendering requirements.

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